Soft Coralline Algae Cluster  - Saltwater  (Corallinaceae Family)
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Soft Coralline Algae Cluster - Saltwater (Corallinaceae Family)

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Soft Coralline Algae Clusters are Coralline Algae encrusted on a soft calcium base. These are great for seeding your tank with Coralline algae.
COMMON NAME: Soft Coralline Algae Cluster
SCIENTIFIC NAME: (Corallinaceae Family)
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~2-3 inches in diameter
|= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 20 gallons
FOOD/DIET: Calcium
CARE LEVEL: Moderately Easy
AVAILABILITY: Not always available - 50%
Customer Reviews
James Holt of Burlington,NC
Corallina Algea
Received my first order from Reefs2go today. Ordered two coralline clusters(one hard,one soft) plus I got a starfish as a hitchhiker :) I wanted one anyway. Clusters were fairly large and packaged perfect. Waiting on payday to order some crabs......
Carlos of Miami,fl
Macro algae
1st this algae is way bigger than I expected 3 iches by 3 inches and 3 inches tall and looks purple and looks like a coral from how vibrant it is stand alone I'm using it in my 150g as a coral since I can't add much yet do to water quality once I start adding and have less space moving him into refugium great way to add color in the beginning stages of the coral process and cheap