Chaetomorpha aka Chaeto (Chaetomorpha spiralis) - small
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Chaetomorpha aka Chaeto (Chaetomorpha spiralis) - small
Chaetomorpha aka Chaeto (Chaetomorpha spiralis) - small

Chaetomorpha aka Chaeto (Chaetomorpha spiralis) - small

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Chaetomorpha Algae - small portion ~Baseball Size Chaetomorpha Algae removes both phosphates and nitrates from the water. It is an excellent macro algae for refugiums. It is also known as Spaghetti Algae or Green Hair Algae. It is fast growing and is a very hardy algae. | |= COMMON NAME: ||= Chaetomorpha | |= SCIENTIFIC NAME: ||= Chaetomorpha spiralis | |= SIZE AVAILABLE: ||= small portion ~Baseball Size | |= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 20 gallons | |= FOOD/DIET: ||= Trace elements, Iron and Magnesium | |= CARE LEVEL: ||= Moderate | |= REEF SAFE: ||= Yes | |= AVAILABILITY: ||= Most always available - 99% |
Customer Reviews
craig of norfolk,va.
got the chaeto and pods deal a few months ago,all i can say is by far the best macro purchase i ever made. very hardy and a great place for my pods to hide feed and breed. not to mention it went from golf ball size to a canelope.highly recommended.
Bryan of Maine
My Chaeto arrived and looked great. Its been 6 weeks now and it has easily tippled in size! I am very pleased with my order.
Dawn Carlisle of South Dakota
Very nice, thank you!