Caribbean Refugium Algae Pack- Mini - FREE SHIPPING
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Caribbean Refugium Algae Pack- Mini - FREE SHIPPING
Caribbean Refugium Algae Pack- Mini - FREE SHIPPING
Caribbean Refugium Algae Pack- Mini - FREE SHIPPING
Caribbean Refugium Algae Pack- Mini - FREE SHIPPING

Caribbean Refugium Algae Pack- Mini - FREE SHIPPING

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This Mini Caribbean Refugium Pack contains the following:

Pods 500+
Shaving Brush: 1
Halimedia: 1
Benefits: Grow your pods, Grow food for your fish & corals, reduce nitrates
AVAILABILITY: Mostly available - 99% of the time

Shaving Brush Plant

Shaving Brush plant is named for its unique resemblance to the Barbers Shaving Brush tool. The rooted plant should be buried in the substrate for maximum growth as well as medium lighting and flow. Plants are an excellent addition to the saltwater tank as they will reduce nitrates naturally. By reducing nitrates they naturally out compete the nuisance algae for nutrients which will reduce the appearance and quantity of nuisance algae.


The Halimeda plant is found within warm tropical waters around the world. The beautiful green calcerous macro algae is also a nice decorative plant for the saltwater aquarium. Halimeda is also known as the money plant because the plants look like small coins glued together end to end, forming a chain. Because this is a form of calcerous algae, it requires a significant level of calcium to be maintained in the water as it continuously deposits calcium carbonate into its tissue. Halimeda is a hardy algae plant however it is not one that many fish will enjoy nibbling on and for that reason will maintain its appearance nicely in the tank provided its needs for calcium and light are maintained.

Amphipods & Copepods

  • Wikipedia states - Copepods are a group of small crustaceans found in the sea and nearly every freshwater habitat. Many species are planktonic (drifting in sea waters), but more are benthic (living on the ocean floor).
  • The type of copepods we have are benthic - which is great for a refugium or tank with live rock.
  • Amphipods can be distinguished from copepods as able to seen at a distance.
  • Amphipods range in size from 5-10mm, where as copepods range from 1-3mm.
  • This listing is for a variety of both.
  • Amphipods and copepods make excellent food for picky eaters like seahorses. Mandarin gobies love them and they are essential to a reef tank adding biodiversity.
  • Tanks can be seeded with them by introducing ~500 per 25 gallons or through the use of an upstream fishless refugium kept dimly lit.
  • The most common amphipods found in aquaria are either herbivores or detritivores. They tend to eat either plant or algal material preferentially and either graze on algae or eat debris of plant or algal origin.
  • In our aquaria, amphipods are typically part of the cleanup crew. In addition, they are good food for whatever fish can catch them. Altogether they are a beneficial and interesting component of our systems' fauna.

Customer Reviews
Nick of MA
Pleasantly Surprised
Before purchasing anything online, I do extensive research on the site. I read many mixed reviews on Reefs2Go, either horrible complaints, or glowing recommendations, so I figured I'd try something for myself and see. I requested that the product arrive on Thursday, which it did. I was nervous when I opened the package, expecting a box full of dead weeds and pods, but turns out everything was perfect. I was very pleased with what I received, both the pods and the algae were alive and well. I ...
lori of iowa
always satisfied
Brianna Carlisle of Long Island, NY
caribbean refugium algae pack-mini
I couldn't be happier! I expected slow shipping since I chose the free shipping option, but they arrived two days after they shipped! All of the little critters were extremely active, and the plants were healthy. I will definitely order from the website again!
Becky of Oshkosh wi
Love the pods
I love that I can get affordable pods for my fish. :-) My hawkish loves sitting on the bush. I might get him a couple more with my next order. All the pods where alive and active. :-)
ChristiNarmaki of Southern California
OMG so many pods! I love reefs2go, I didn't expect half the pods to make it through the mail from florida to california. I couldn't believe that EVERY single one survived! They are now reproducing well in my 10 gallon and then being added to my display 110 gallon! My mandarin loves them! Yum Yum!
Luis of Bronx NY
Thanks for the great deal. I bought this package [url][/url] and it came within 2 days. Not ONE dead POD and well over 500 PODS. The Macro looks good also. All for $15 free shipping included the 25% off. Well worth the price.
Matt Roberts of Albion NY
Great Price & Free Shipping !
2nd time ordering from R2G and Im just as pleased as I was the first time around! great price! great sizes fro both halimedia, shaving brush and the free zoo i recieved! free shipping was perfect! 2 day express from FA to NY and everything was AOA :)
David of Grand Junction Colorado
Best Micro
From start to finish with my order, they were the best. They even called to tell us it shipped. Package showed up fast, and everything in it was perfect. My only issue was I didn't order more stuff. Will be looking here first before I look anywhere else.
Jeremy of Craig, CO
Shipped safe and very healthy!!
What a great pack! Everything arrived safe and healthy! Also like I have seen so many times on this page, the pods were big!!
Blair of Californ-I-A.
I have ordered from these guys without a problem many times. This time I had a problem. The staff at reefs 2 go made every effort to correct the issue and made sure I was 100% satisfied. Rest assured that you will always be a happy customer with reefs2go.
Krissy Gadwaw of Chalmette
Love it!
Love this product and I will order again!
Krissy of Chalmette, LA
First time I've ordered, but I'll definately be ordering again soon. Thanks
Michael Salerno of new york
refugium algae pack
this is my first order from reefs2go and everything arrived in 3 days.the pods were very active and acclimated beatutifully. i am very happy with reefs 2 go and would buy from them again.
Todd C of Seattle
Very pleased
Just received my 2 pack of bugs. They are wired little things, darting everywhere. I just hope my blenny decides he like them as well. Thanks again!
Christian of CT
I order the pack 2 days ago my first order in the web i got it today 12/21/2012 i was surprise how everysingle copepods was alive and the plants too. looking forward to do more orders.
supernan79 of Coos Bay
Very Large Portions!
Just got my pack only 2 days from ship date and I'm as far away from florida as you get! SUPER portions and I've very happy. Copepods are HUGE and my kids were creeped out by them wrything in the bag, lol! Turned loose in tank and they all found a place to hide quickly. Maybe someday a Mandarin Goby will be in our future.
Justin of CT
Pleasantly Surprised
My packaged came very quickly and everything looked alive and well. I loved the fact they gave very specific instructions and included an airline tube to help me acclimate my new friends.
Greg of New Orleans, LA
so many pods in the bag it was crazy! Great refugium start up kit
Don of Auburn, NY
the bag of pods was swarming with life I didnt count but im sure there was more than 500. Everything looks great.
matthew of WV
very satisfied
For thirty bucks this is a great deal everything arrived looking great, absolutely no complaints.
larene getz of elizbethtown , PA
caribean package
received package in great condition another fine job by the folks at reef 2 go