Red Brittle Starfish (Ophiocoma paucigranulata)
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Red Brittle Starfish (Ophiocoma paucigranulata)

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The Red Brittle Starfish is a tremendous scavenger that makes a great addition to any tank. They come in colors of black, brown, and a combination of the two. Their flexible arms are lined with many spines that allows them to move.
COMMON NAME: Red Brittle Starfish
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ophiocoma paucigranulata
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately Easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

  • Typically 4-6 inches in diameter & eat detritus
  • keep inaccessible areas clean as well as stirring and aerate the sand bed in hard to reach areas.
  • Recommended stocking is 1 per 20 gallons.
Customer Reviews
inurmind of San Diego
Red Brittle Star
A little smaller than expected (only a couple inches across) but healthy and active. Cool unique red color is great too!
Jarrod of Long Beach, MS
Red Brittle Starfish
Starfish has great colors and is very active. One small tip broke off in shipping but he seems to be doing fine. Great addition to my reef tank!
Mike S of N.Y
red brittle starfish
arrived healthy and active great addition to my snails also accilmated great. thanks reeefs to go.
Krissy Gadwaw of Chalmette
Beautiful Creature
Soooo beautiful and seems very healthy. It finds great hiding places in my rocks and then scoots all over the bottom. Thanks!
Krissy Gadwaw of Chalmette
She doesn't move very much, but shes doing great and very pretty!
Brian of Holyoke MA
Red Brittle Starfish
Received my starfish today and although he is very pretty he seemed a bit small more like an 1.5 or 2 inches instead of the three inches advertised but very pretty nonetheless and healthy as well. The starfish didn't want to come out of the corner of the bag and I was afraid I would damage him if I used my hands to remove him, so once I was done with acclimation I emptied the bag of water and then submerged the bag into the aquarium and anchored it at the bottom with a small rock, the little ...
supernan79 of Coos Bay
This guy arrived wiggling to get out of the bag and I took a risk and opted for 2 day shipping. Very nice size for my nano and after careful acclimation it reached from the dish and climbed right out onto the rockwork and found a place to hide. GORGEOUS!
Chris Barry of Carrollton TX
Red spines
Guy is doing great, but one leg was mostly missing, now after a month it is starting to grow back. Ordering another one since I like the color on these guys.
Aaroln Ryherd of Sullivan,IL
Red brittle star fish
Received this star fish and was amazed at how healthy it was and its size. It was moving as soon as it was out in the tank. Definatly would buy again!
Keith Fightmaster of Kentucky
I got 2 of these, very active and see them alot in the daytime.