Red Tree Sponge (Ptilocaulis sp)
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Red Tree Sponge (Ptilocaulis sp)
Red Tree Sponge (Ptilocaulis sp)
Red Tree Sponge (Ptilocaulis sp)

Red Tree Sponge (Ptilocaulis sp)

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The Red Tree sponge requires a strong water current, moderate lighting and supplemental feeding. Do not expose sponges to the air.
COMMON NAME: Red Tree Sponge
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ptilocaulis sp.
FOOD/DIET: Filter Feeder
CARE LEVEL: Moderately Difficult
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Chris of Ottawa Canada
Very nice and beautiful specimen, all the sponges they've sent me where superbe specimens actually. Very well packed too.
michael furton of mi
red tree sponge
Wow. Thats all I can say!
tonybwill of maryland
tree sponge
nice size, bright color & gr8 price.
Adela of Texas
Red sponge
Received 2 months ago it arrived huge and beautiful. Very pleased with turnout. Just received more with new order:)
Jarrod of Long Beach, MS
Red Tree Sponge
Tree Sponge arrived is great shape and huge! Great coloring and seems to be doing great! Was expecting an 8 inch sponge to show up and the specimen that showed up was twice that! Couldn't be happier!
omar castillo jr. of tampa
red tree sponge
received it about early jan., this thing is awsome what a shape and very healthy.jerry church was right. A+ r2go
Courtney of S.W Ranches
Red tree sponges from
I just received the sponges I recently ordered today... And I have to say that I am impressed. I ordered 2 of the red tree sponges from here and they are extremely healthy. Before I moved to where I am living now I used to work at a fish store, so I know good quality when I see it, and from what I have seen from, I see exactly that, quality.
Monique of Massachusset
reff2go have the best sponges,in the market, they are big, healthy, and full of color,they look great in the aquarium.
Stephanie Mann of Palmer , AK
Red tree Sponge
A beautiful HUGE sponge was received. Over 12 inches tall with numerous branches. Was openly feeding by morning and looks wonderful in my tank. Thanks so much!
Jeff of Baltimore, MD
I was, to put it mildly, shocked when I opened the box and saw the specimen I received. It is about a foot tall and has several pronounced branches extending from the main "trunk" of this tree sponge. Amazing quality, especially considering the price.
Sharyn Wertz of Batesburg SC
Red Tree Sponge
Beautiful, healthy sponge with excellent color! The one I received is tall and slim with 4 slender fingers...looks very much like one of E.T.'s hands! Fits perfectly right where I wanted to put one. Gotta have a couple more...
Jerry of Louisiana
Red Tree Sponge
These are by far the best specimuns you can purchase. They are very healthy and have always arrived live and with vivid color. I have had three of these in my 240 for over six months and they still look great.
Jerry Church of Louisiana
Red Tree Sponge
If you are a fan of sponges, this is the place to order. The specimens are fantastic and healthy upon arrival every time. Good size, not the usual 2" sprigs you might get elsewhere. Every sponge I have ordered has been perfect.