Red Ridge Sponge (Porifera sp.)
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Red Ridge Sponge (Porifera sp.)
Red Ridge Sponge (Porifera sp.)
Red Ridge Sponge (Porifera sp.)

Red Ridge Sponge (Porifera sp.)

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The Red Ridge sponge requires a strong water current, moderate lighting and supplemental feeding. Do not expose sponges to the air.
COMMON NAME: Red Ridge Sponge
FOOD/DIET: Filter Feeder
CARE LEVEL: Moderately Easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Lanee Glass of Pa
red sponge
They are beautiful! Much larger than I expected. Very healthy and bright red in color. Great addition to my reef. I have ordered online from another store and this exceeds my expectations. .
Scott Lotzkar of Connecticut
Red Ridge Sponge
WOW I got a lucky larger size then expected. Nice color too. Very happy.
Rebecca Burger of Lakewood CO
Wow! What a beautiful vibrant sponge.You can't go wrong adding this to your tank.And what an awesome price.
Shelly of Prescott Arkansas
Red Sponge
I received my order of corals today; at the last minute I had added this sponge to my order. WHAT A AWESOME DECISION THAT WAS!! This sponge is beautiful, and it brought the splash of color to my tank that I have been searching for. I will definitely order more..
Vance Lane of Colorado
Red Ridge
All I can say is wow. Was a little worried with the colder -5 degree temps here and fedex being delayed b a couple hours. Everything arrived warm and healthy. This sponge though... was expecting 2inches... This thing barely fit in the bag, its HUGE! And covered in commensal crabs. Seriously, there is at bare minimum 10 crabs on this thing. Unbelievably happy with my order. This is the place to get sponges people!
Tara of Fl
Red Ridge Sponge
This is beautiful! It was larger than I expected and bursting with color.
Matthew of Rome, GA
Red Sponge
Excellent specimen, much larger than I thought it would be. Great color. Ordering more!
Tom Werlinich of Arlington, TX
Red Ridge Spong
I'll "ditto" Jerry Church's review. Excellent specimen, very pleased.
Jerry Church of Louisiana
Red Ridge
Another GREAT sponge here. Nothing bad to say about the specimens you get here folks. Good size...