Tiger Sand Conch - (Strombus spp)
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Tiger Sand Conch - (Strombus spp)
Tiger Sand Conch - (Strombus spp)

Tiger Sand Conch - (Strombus spp)

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Tiger Sand Conch Strombus spp

Despite their name, they are peaceful toward other tank mates. They are excellent sand sifters, and are very beneficial in the reef aquarium. As they burrow and dig through the aquarium substrate, they clean and aerate the bottom. It will always stay on the bottom of your tank, won't bother any invertebrates or corals whatsoever. 
COMMON NAME: Tiger Sand Conch
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1-2.5 inches
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

Conchs feed on algae and detritus in the aquarium. They need a large amount of plant matter in their diet and may starve if out-competed for food or if there is not enough algae in the aquarium to support them.

Customer Reviews
Daniel of South East Ohio
I got my first Conch last week and he is in great shape and a nice size! Active and all over my rocks and in the sand.
CJ of ga fl
Ive ordered 3 of these total. Had 2, just ordered 3rd... that 3rd one was huge!!! These guys are great sand sifters and great cleaners. Highly recommend for any tank.
CJ of GA
Tiger Sand Conch
bought 2 of these recently. Loved them both! Good sized.
Angie McArthur of Coarsegold, California
Tiger Sand Conch - Stombas spp
This is by far the most enjoyable thing in my tank. He not only cleans my sand but also about an inch of the bottom of the glass. He also climbs on short rocks and cleans them by stretching out his little neck at least 1/2 inch. This is not just another snail. Not only does he clean but he entertains. Every tank should have one of these lovable creatures!
john of palm bay
Tiger conch
Awsome snail and perfect size. Already plowing through the sand. Happy Happy
Tracy Owens of Houston , TX
Doing good
Cleaning away in my tank. Thanks so much