Nassarius Snail (Nassarius vibex) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
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Nassarius Snail (Nassarius vibex) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Nassarius Snail (Nassarius vibex) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Nassarius Snail (Nassarius vibex) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

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The Nassarius Snail has a little body with a big appetite - going around your tank foraging for any decaying waste, leftover food and nasty fish excrement in your tank. The nassarius vibex snail is an efficient scavenger - and will eat detritus. As a basic must have for your clean up crew - nassarius snails eliminate the yuck which causes nitrates which feed algae - aiding in the removal of unwanted algae by preventive maintenance. The Nassarius Snail has a small shell approximately the size of an olive pit. Nassarius Vibex burrow into the substrate and when a morsel of dinner is available, a long tube like siphon will arise from the substrate to quickly locate it. Pushing through the upper levels of the substrate, nassarius snails help aerate the Substrate, preventing compaction.
COMMON NAME: Saltwater Nassarius Snails
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nassarius vibex
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~.25-.50 inch
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore - decaying matter
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Jaime of Tampa, FL
Received 20 from bogo, all arrived alive and healthy with voracious appetites, all acclimated well and went right to work, will order from again, I just wish orders were processed faster.
Barry of Sw michigan
Nass snails
Awesome little guys that clean all the time and keep the sand stirred.
Vincent of Knoxville TN
Nassarius Snails
Love the Snails, all ten arrived and are Thriving.
Dedeo of Home
NASS. Snail
It's true. 5 to 10 seconds after I put the food in those little suckers pop out from under the sand and start eating anything that hits the ground. Great snail.
Chester Chase of Buffalo N.Y
AWSOME BUY real healthy will buy from again very happy great site
Alisha of Iowa
good little snails
I love these little guys because they can always flip themselves upright.
MOrtega of Houston Texas
I ordered 150 of these little guys and all were alive and well, as soon as they went into the tank they went to work. Great workers great quality!
Dave of Oak Hill, WV
Narsarius snails
Bought 5 of these guys and received 10! Absolutely awesome at removing left over food and fish excrement!!! Extremely active during the night period of the Aquarium but highly effective!!! I consider these little guys a must have!!!!
Jason of Bellefontaine, Ohio
best place on internet
very fast shipping. all 100 snails are doing great thank you very muchwill buy again from this store. Reefs 2 go you rock
Agnes/Nate of South Carolina
Super Awesome
Great cleaners, were ready to go right out of the bag. Very fast and clean my tank well. I dropped a piece of food for my shrimp and they were all over it. Best Snails Ever.
Krissy of Chalmette, LA
New Customer
I'm a new customer who has purchase several times recently & I have NO complaints. Thanks!
Kari ludwig of Sioux city, IA
Happy customer
Reefs2go has been great to me as a customer. Customer service with great products! Thanks!
Tracy Owens of Houston , TX
Another great item
I ordered these and they are doing a great job at cleaning my tank. Ordered 10 on BOGO and they are all doing wonderful
justin guidinger of idaho falls id
snail order
if you are looking for a place to order from r2go has done me good twice they are very honest and helpful if you have questions their livestock are top quality ive been dooped by other companys in the past so i plan on always being a r2go customer from here on thank you
Daniel of Orlando, FL
Snailing and Gracing
These little snails re doing great and they know when the food is out!
Christa of Miami
We LOVE these snails. Arrived super healthy from Reefs2go like always!! So much fun to watch... they are super fast and come up from the sand as soon as the first flake of food hits the water!! They flip themselves over if they fall - lightning fast too! Reef safe... they don't mess with anything and eat up the leftover food. GET LOTS!
Frank Navarro of Naples, FL
Great item.
I bought a bunch a few weeks ago. Received in the time expected. They are doing great eating all the left overs that sink after fish feeding time. Great cleaners of the sandbed.
Patricia of Orlando,FL
Love these little guys
These snails are really small so keep that in perspective when ordering. They are amazing though when they go to work. When I feed my tank mysis shrimp the snail army comes out. The sand starts moving and all of a sudden there are little snails everywhere looking for snacks.
SB of NE Usa
Nassarius Snails
Always loved these guys! Great Sand stirrers, patiently waiting for any scent of food or sand disturbance, while hurried under the sand. Will leave egg casing on the glass, but young never seem to survive. Great tank mate! Great addition!
Lancer of Orlando Fl
Nassarius Snail
Fun to watch them pop up out of the sand...great for clean up crew..
Kim of Kingsland,Ga
Happy Customer!!!!
Hi, I won a Gift Cert for these guy's through the reef Club I have joined( KBMAS), I ordered these snail's, I got 100.00 of them and they all arrived alive and are doing great, my sand bed look's so much better. I can say, I will order from them
Terry of Tampa
Nassarius Snails
Ordered 25 while the snails were buy 1 get 1, great deal. All arrived live and are doing great. Looking forward to the next time they go on sale. :)
billy of tallahassee
love it
great for eating left over food and turning the sandbed
eric of orlando
great quality
I have ordered these a couple of times and they arrive alive and fast.
Frank Navarro of Naples, Fl
Great product.
Received them in perfect condition. After acclimation they were doing pretty well in the tank. Grea shipping deal.
Walter P of Clearwater, FL
Cool little guys
I bought some of these guys a while back from R2G and they're all doing well. They're small so take that into consideration when buying. Man are they fun to watch though. They'll disappear into the sand but when feeding time comes they all erupt out and start goin crazy!
Kim Leverette of Ariepeka FL
ordering online
I have ordered clean up crews and have been very pleased. I have never had a problem with any order. It is delivered fast and everything is alive! I will continue to do my ordering with Reefs 2 Go.
Lou of Celina, OH
Nassarius Snails
Great snails at a great price. I wish I would have found this place earlier.
Rick of CA
Nassarius snail
Always the best deals on these snails and they are very healthy every time I have ordered them and they acclimate to my tanks very well.....
Teresa Reisdorfer of Eldridge, IA
Nassarius Snails
We ordered 150 snails. Exactly what we were expecting and would do business with again.
Jim of Wellington, FL
This place is great!
I will order from Reefs2go again. I had an issue with my order which was quickly resolved. Great customer service.