Fighting Conch Snail - (Strombus spp)
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Fighting Conch Snail - (Strombus spp)
Fighting Conch Snail - (Strombus spp)

Fighting Conch Snail - (Strombus spp)

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The Fighting Conch is a rather docile addition to an aquarium. It forages for food in the sand bed and helps to keep it aerated.
COMMON NAME: Fighting Conch Snail
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~2.5-4 inches
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

What a great sand stirrer- and so cool to watch.

===This animal is NOT recommended for tanks smaller than 55 gallons===
Can be hard to get at times, so get 'em while you can!!
Customer Reviews
James Holt of Burlington,NC
Fighting Conch Snail
Received my Conch today with some other goodies. It is about 2 1/2" long. Was holding it in my hand before placing in tank(never seen on up close) when it unrolled and started kicking.. Startled me, didnt know it would do that,, there is alot of snail packed in that shell. Very beautiful shell..thanks reefs2go Will be placing next order tonight
Edmund G Secula of ky
fighting conch
I've had two for sometime now.I don't know,but do they hibernate?? Mine bury themselves IN the sand for weeks at a time and don't move unroll I dig them out, but they latter bury back.
Zachary of Cslifornia
Fighting Conch
These guys are huge! Came in perfect shape and packing! Loving them! Thanks!
Edmund Secula of kentucky
fighting conch
Larger than expected, I ordered two as thinking they would be small, but too big for a 75 gal.otherwise great looking. ED
Brad of Ohio
Fighting Conch Snail
I was greatly surprized how big the snail was, its has done a great job of stirring up the sand. Be aware of the size of it, make sure it has enough space to move around the tank, because it has a tendancy to push through tight spots.
john lejeune of jennings, louisiana
fighting conch snail
i get one and it was nice and big,but i can not find it do u thing it in the sand or get out of the tank i don't see on the floor thanks john
Mike of Minnesota
Fighting Conch
Received order expecting approx 1-2" size....The conch were 4-5" !!! Doing great in my 180 though.... Excellent service and livestock quality from Reefs2Go
Josh S. of VA Beach
Great Snail
Have purchased twice from Reefs2go since I got my tank and they REALLY take care of you. This snail is a must, fun to watch.
Patricia of Orlando,FL
Cool guy and not creepy
I was reluctant to order a conch snail because I thought they were creepy in the wild. But this guy is actually cute and is pretty docile. He just scoots around looking for junk.
Christian A of Merritt Island, FL
Fighting Conch. Just WOW!
I urge you to order this little guy. He is the BEST sand cleaner out there. He is harmless, doesn't grow over 3 inches, and cannot leave the sand. He will make your sandbed VERY clean. Best addition to my tank ever.
joel of fl
chonch snail
very good addition. Eats everything you don't want in your tank.
Lancer of Orlando Fl
Fighting Conch Snail
I purchased 3 of these snails and they are great to watch..They arrived healthy and are enjoying there new home...
Sam S of Waterloo, IA
Fighting Conch
Purchased two of these guys and they arrived healthy. Both were bigger than i'd hoped and a blast to watch!
Toni-Ann of Houston
Fighting Conch
Huge and healthy! Hope it will be happy in my tank.