Tiger Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus bellulus)
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Tiger Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus bellulus)
Tiger Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus bellulus)

Tiger Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus bellulus)

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The Tiger Pistol Shrimp is a peaceful shrimp which uses its front appendage to make a snapping noise which scares away potential danger. Here are some gobies that will pair up with genus Alpheus pistol shrimp.
  • Yasha Goby
  • Diamond Watchman Goby
  • Yellow Watchman Goby
  • Orange Spotted Goby
  • Pink Spotted Watchman Goby
  • Randall's Shrimp Goby
  • Tiger Watchman Goby
  • Wheeler's Watchman Goby
  • Pinkbar Goby
  • COMMON NAME: Tiger Pistol Shrimp
    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Alpheus bellulus
    SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1/2 inch
    MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 30 gallons
    FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
    CARE LEVEL: Moderately Easy
    REEF SAFE: Yes
    AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Brian Rowe of Bedford , TX
Alpheus bellulus
I bought several of these and several yellow watchman gobies. They readily associated with one another. This is a very active species of pistol shrimp that is not shy. It will make tunnels and chambers right up against the glass. You can look inside and see the watchman gobies spending the night in the shrimp's lair.
lloyd towne of Idaho
Ordered him to hopefully pair with a watchman goby, they havent paired yet but got him super healthy and of course super quick. I will always order from R2go!
Shay of WV
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
This is by far the neatest symbiotic relationship I've seen yet! I have an anemone and clownfish but this is so cute to watch! I bought this shrimp and the yellow watchman goby together. They arrived way smaller than I expected but they paired up within half an hour. The fish freaked out until it found the shrimp. The shrimp started digging right away and let me tell not let it's tiny size fool you! They can really move some sand quickly! The shrimp kept coming out of it's cave and "...
Emily of Texas
Busy little worker
Paired up with my Yellow Watchman instantly and set to work on intricate tunnels in and under the sand and live rock. He even uses empty shells to stabilize openings and closes off the entrances at night to sleep in safety with his goby. GREAT investment, so fun to watch!!
danielle of ma
tiger shrimp
I purchased this shrimp about 6 months ago and while he was on the small side when I received him, he was nice and healthy and bonded right away with my prawn goby. He is now about 2 inches and going strong and one of the most interesting things to watch. Def a great addition!!!
Gabe of Columbus, OH
tiger pistol shrimp
Arrived in great condition, and almost instantly bonded with my yellow watchman goby. Thanks!