Live Marine Feeder Shrimp - Large
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Live Marine Feeder Shrimp - Large
Live Marine Feeder Shrimp - Large

Live Marine Feeder Shrimp - Large

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Large Live Marine Feeder Shrimp ~2-3 inches each ==They make GREAT cleaners if you do not want to use them for food.==
Customer Reviews
Al Acosta of WA State
Large Shrimps
Pretty Fun Size.. my Eel figured out it was too large to fit in it's mouth so it let the other's live.... they burry in the sand and crushed coral and all I can see is their eyes so every day it's like find Waldo!
Kate of Michigan
large feeder shrimp
Fun shrimp! i didn't buy these as food, but rather just figured some more shrimp would be fun in the tank! They were the 3-5 inch range and are unlike anything I have ever seen before! they are very clear in coloration but have very big eyes! They jump around the tank picking at things. They do hide very well seeing as they are pretty colorless, but when they come out they are a hoot to watch! I will definitely order more, not for food, but for fun!
Sharyn Wertz of Batesburg SC
Large Feeder Shrimp
These guys are a gas! Ordered 3, largest is right at 3", other two around 2". Very comical sailing around the tank, burying themselves in the substrate and constantly pawing through stuff looking for tasty tidbits. Quite attractive markings, too...reddish tiger stripes that darken as the shrimp get some size to them. Big 'ol black eyes on long eyestalks watch your every more. They're usually all over me any time I put my hand in the tank, checking to see if I have any special goodies for them...