Amphipods & Copepods -500 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
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Amphipods & Copepods -500 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Amphipods & Copepods -500 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Amphipods & Copepods -500 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

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Live Pods- Great Fish and Coral Food

Copepods are a group of small crustaceans found in the sea and nearly every freshwater habitat. Many species are planktonic (drifting in sea waters), but more are benthic (living on the ocean floor). - Wikipedia Check out our You Tube Videos of Live Copepods & Amphipods
  • The type of copepods we have are benthic - which is great for a refugium or tank with live rock.

What are Amphipods?

  • Amphipods can be distinguished from copepods as able to seen at a distance. *Amphipods range in size from 5-10mm, where as copepods range from 1-3mm.
  • This listing is for a variety of both.
  • Amphipods and copepods make excellent food for picky eaters like seahorses. Mandarin gobies love them and they are essential to a reef tank adding biodiversity.
  • Tanks can be seeded with them by introducing ~500 per 25 gallons or through the use of an upstream fishless refugium kept dimly lit.
  • The most common amphipods found in aquaria are either herbivores or detritivores. They tend to eat either plant or algal material preferentially and either graze on algae or eat debris of plant or algal origin.
  • In our aquaria, amphipods are typically part of the cleanup crew. In addition, they are good food for whatever fish can catch them. Altogether they are a beneficial and interesting component of our systems' fauna.


  • We have no way of determining what percentage will be amphipods or copepods or what you are more likely to receive (amphipods or copepods).
  • Pods are small - some are very small - especially if they are "toddlers".
  • You will not be able to count them - as we are unable to count them for each and every order - due to their size and speed.
  • To ensure that you get what you pay for, we use a measurement that has been counted and observed for a greater portion that 1000 per bag. To confirm, please observe the shear amount of life in the bag you receive after you gently thump the bag with your finger.
  • The transport media will literally crawl with life, so enjoy and please us know immediately if there is an issue with your shipment.
Customer Reviews
Jennifer S Rossi of Metairie, LA
Great value
My Mandarin Goby loves Reefs2Go, as do I. Do NOT bother purchasing Copepods in a bottle - you will be lucky if you get 1 Copepods alive. Reefs2Go sends live, visibly squirming Copepods & way more than the advertised number as they cannot count them & love their customers so much, they would rather send too much than too little!!
Barry Mccool sr of Michigan
amazing amount of pods. really seeded my sw tank. I ordered sixline as well. Stunning specimen. great addition to my tank. all packaged very well.
Chris of Outside of Nashville TN
I ordered some pods and was extremely impressed not only with their size but the quantity, had to be almost double what I paid for and most importantly, the tank loved the addition as always.
Robin of iLLINOIS
I ordered the pods....well worth it!I added them after my lights went out,leaving them on the filter media.Noticed no dreads pods at all!!Will order again...
Terry of Sanford Florida
Copepods & Hemit crabs
I received my order as I requested. That is what you would call great customer service. The copepods I ordered were great. They were all alive and ready to go. The Blue legger Hermit crabs were as I thought - Fantastic addition. The little critters are now all over my tank doing what they do best. Thanks Reef2Go.
Charlene of New Bern, NC
Ordered the 1000 and get 1000 free and received them and was amazed at how many and the size of the pods. Will order again.
Ernie cardwell of Kentucky
great service
arrived fast and all alive, great pods, will buy again, thanks
adam of new castle, pa
great pods
pods arrived huge and all living. made the mandy happy!
John santoro of cambridge
Reef pack and Mandrin.
Recently had a small problem ordering.However you guys help me through it ,and my order still was ship to me on Saturday with everything healthy and able to add to the tank.Thanks you.You guys are alright.
Mike D of Tucson AZ
I have ordered pods twice now and both orders arrived with very little dead and I will keep ordering from reefs2go I'm very happy with there service
Mike D of Tucson AZ
I have ordered pods twice now and both orders arrived with very little dead and I will keep ordering from reefs2go I'm very happy with there service
Jim Cook of Chicago, IL
Lotsa Pods!
The bag that I received with the pods in them was loaded. I found only very few dead pods. The size of the amphipods were small to large, some being about 1/2" long. I added them to the tank when the main illumination was not on and they scattered in the tank. I took the blue filter material they arrived in out of the tank after a week and I have seen copepod activity on the glass and amphipod activity on the rocks and filter sponges. I used them to seed a newer 38-gallon mini reef and it has...
Sergio of Victoria,Tx
Very Pleased!
WE got our first order.. Weather here has been in 30's, came in a heat packed styrofoam box, both bags were Full of Pods, cant wait to order again....:)
joey of virginia
i ordered pods from and they were fish loved them and shipping was fast great product :)
Carl of Michigan
These guys were HUGE, there was no need to tap on the bag to get them moving, the were ready to get out of the bag when they arrived. I think half of them were large enough to have a name!! Thanks R2G!
Denise of Thornton, Colorado
Live Pods
Best pods I've ever seen! Arrived healthy and happy and my mandarin went NUTS. ....will be getting my pods here from now on. Thanks Reefs2Go!!
Mick of Michigan
Unbelievable...pods everywhere!!!! It was amazing to see them just continue to pour out of the filter media!!!
Kathleen of Washington state
Don't bother with other pods, these are healthy, active and just what the Mandarin ordered! I put some in my show tank, some in the refugium, and some in the quarantine tank! Great item, thank you.
Eric of Citrus - Florida
Big Pods
Awesome huge pods every time I get them!
Mari of Southwest OH
They Survived, There was so many pods, the fish went crazy. Excellent product,
marshall campbell of port huron , MI
I've ordered tisbe copods(algen), you could see a couple, the rest u just don't know, also ordered ocean pods and u could see alot. But the 500 from reefs2go, i ordered, plus got 500 more free. Then since my order was more than 40 dollars, got another 250 for free. They were packaged good, delivered fast. There bugs you didn't have to hold up to light to see them, they were everywhere. I'll be ordering fish next. Reefs2go, you got 12 stars, it was impressive, THANKYOU
Nick S. of Dallas
We received our 500 count Amphipods/Copepods along with the additional free 500. We were surprised at the number of amphipods crawling around the filter media. We followed the included acclimation instructions and now have many amphipods running around our 65 gallon reef tank. I would recommend this to anyone looking to start an amphipod and/or copepod colony in their tank.
Amir of Boston
I got an order of 250 just to try it out and man was it worth it! I was a little skeptical when I opened my package as there was very little water in the bag and just the filter media BUT! Once I opened the bag and put in some tank water there were PODS EVERYWHERE! So happy, will be ordering more! Thank you guys! Also the customer service was great! My pods were going to ship a few days before I was leaving town, I just called in let them know and they said no problem, we will ship them Monda...
D.J. of London, KY
I wanted to say the copepods I received from you last week were the best I've ever seen. We own a pet store here and from now on when we sell a mandarin your web site will be included in the bag. Thanks guys,
Brian C of South Mississippi
Great product. Have ordered several times and only dissapointed once. Happy enough to place what I think is like my 12th orer of Pods. I have 3 fish that have pods as their diet, this greatly helps keep the population up in my tank.
gareth of new york
Your not going to find better pods anywhere!!!!!. HANDS DOWN.
Robert of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
I ordered the 500 and received 500 for free - I've ordered Copepods from other sources but I was amazed at the size and activity of the ones from Reef2go. They're not some microscopic spot that I might be able to see if I hold the jar up to the light - These guys were huge! They are shipped in sponges and you just put the sponge where you want them. They swim out and there you are. I'm extremely pleased.
Conrad of Chicago, Illinois
This was the first time I have ever ordered online. I was extremely skeptical about ordering online, esp. from a family owned business like this one. But you can't beat these prices =D. The copepods and amphipods came on filter media that you just put in the waterfor a few minutes and remove and all the pods have found a home by then. I put 500 in my fuge, and the other 500 that came for FREE I put in my main display. They are visable but they hide in the live rock during the day so you won't...
Patti Picchi of Farmville, VA
I've ordered thousands of these guys! I have a thriving population of hermit crabs, shrimp, corals, fish and others. I tuck the media next to rock in the tank for a day, then move it to my sump. After a week or so, I check it & take out the "empties". Perfect!
Bryan of California
Ordered the 1000 Amphipods and Copepods, to be sent to California because I could not find a closer source. Also ordered from another place on the East coast just to have variety. The other East coast order was pack in macro algae, and the bag was rotting which you could smell before opening it. Also, looking in the bag, and after opening the bag, I could only find two live amphipods. I still put the whole thing in the tank, however, and the macro stuff went everywhere. The Reef2Go package, h...