Amphipods & Copepods -500 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE- Canadian Residents ONLY
Amphipods & Copepods -500 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE- Canadian Residents ONLY
Amphipods & Copepods -500 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE- Canadian Residents ONLY
Item #: INV_POD-500-BOGO-CA
Manufacturer: Live Food
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  • Amphipods can be distinguished from copepods as able to seen at a distant. This product is set for Canadian Residents - Increased shipping and delayed delivery. *Amphipods range in size from 5-10mm, where as copepods range from 1-3mm. This listing is for a variety of both. *Amphipods and copepods make excellent food for picky eaters like seahorses. *Mandarin gobies love them and they are essential to a reef tank adding biodiversity. *Tanks can be seeded with them by introducing ~100 per 25 gallons or through the use of an upstream fishless refugium kept dimly lit. *The most common amphipods found in aquaria are either herbivores or detritivores. *They tend to eat either plant or algal material preferentially and either graze on algae or eat debris of plant or algal origin. *In our aquaria, amphipods are typically part of the cleanup crew. *In addition, they are good food for whatever fish can catch them. Altogether they are a beneficial and interesting component of our systems' fauna. ==PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A MIXTURE OF AMPHIPODS AND COPEPODS.== *WE HAVE NO WAY TO DETERMINE WHAT TYPE (amphipod or copepod) OR PERCENTAGE (ie: 75% amphipod/ 25% copepod) YOU WILL RECEIVE. *PODS ARE SMALL- SOME ARE VERY, VERY SMALL ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE "TODDLERS". *YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO "COUNT" THEM- WE ARE UNABLE TO COUNT THEM FOR EACH AND EVERY ORDER! *TO ENSURE YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WE USE A MEASUREMENT THAT HAS BEEN COUNTED AND OBSERVED FOR MUCH MORE THAN THIS. PLEASE OBSERVE THE SHEAR AMOUNT OF LIFE YOU RECEIVE AFTER YOU THUMP THE BAG GENTLY WITH YOUR FINGER. *THE TRANSPORT MEDIA WILL LITERALLY CRAWL WITH LIFE- SO ENJOY AND PLEASE LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEM WITH YOUR SHIPMENT.
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