Amphipods & Copepods - 250
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Amphipods & Copepods - 250
Amphipods & Copepods - 250
Amphipods & Copepods - 250

Amphipods & Copepods - 250

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Live Pods- Great Fish and Coral Food

  • Amphipods can be distinguished from copepods as able to seen at a distance. *Amphipods range in size from 5-10mm, where as copepods range from 1-3mm.
  • This listing is for a variety of both. *Amphipods and copepods make excellent food for picky eaters like seahorses. Mandarin gobies love them and they are essential to a reef tank adding biodiversity.
  • Tanks can be seeded with them by introducing ~500 per 25 gallons or through the use of an upstream fishless refugium kept dimly lit.
  • The most common amphipods found in aquaria are either herbivores or detritivores. They tend to eat either plant or algal material preferentially and either graze on algae or eat debris of plant or algal origin.
  • In our aquaria, amphipods are typically part of the cleanup crew. In addition, they are good food for whatever fish can catch them. Altogether they are a beneficial and interesting component of our systems' fauna.


  • We have no way of determining what percentage will be amphipods or copepods or what you are more likely to receive (amphipods or copepods).
  • Pods are small - some our very small - especially if they are "toddlers".
  • You will not be able to count them - as we are unable to count them for each and every order - due to their size and speed.
  • To ensure that you get what you pay for, we use a measurement that has been counted and observed for a greater portion that 1000 per bag. To confirm, please observe the shear amount of life in the bag you receive after you gently thump the bag with your finger.
  • The transport media will literally crawl with life, so enjoy and please us know immediately if there is an issue with your shipment.
Customer Reviews
Andrew A. of Iowa City, IA
250 Pods, Shipped to your door
I bought a lot of base rock and was a little sad about how few pods had shown up over two months, so I figured I'd buy these---for ten bucks it was a low risk buy. The package showed up quickly and contained a medium sized piece of filter media loaded with amphipods. I am very pleased. A week later and my rock teems with life after the lights go off! Excellent product and fast shipping. 10/10
Coleman Ganoe of Rancho Mirage, CA
Amphipods & Copepods
Amazing packing job! I was concerned about shipping in extreme heat but they all made it alive cross country and there were way more than I expected. Thank you so much!!!
Omar of Virginia
Reefs 2 go is the best pods available. I will never buy from elsewhere
Edmond of Los angeles
Wow super fast shipping and luv the pods
Chanelle of North Jersey
Great deal
This is the 3rd time im buying the mix pods, and they are great, I think there are more than 250 in a bag. Great deal!
christy duke of biloxi
I love this place.
Avrian of Reading, Pa
Great customer service and pods!
The snow storm that delayed all mail held back the pods sadly but reefs2go was very professional and kept me updated at all times. Once the pods arrived they were fully active. I drop em in and they look great hopefully my six line doesn't wipe them all out! :)
Jim Barden of Urbana, IL
live food order
I didn't think my order of 500 pods would arrive alive after a twenty four hour plus wait in the Tampa post office. But when in showed up the next afternoon, they do a very good job packing even the free ship orders. It was -5 here and the package was toasty warm. Thanks much Reefs2go packing crew! I will order again real soon.
Tommy Hemminger of Sturgis, MI
I received my pods today. It is 16° here and all are alive and healthy. Thank you for great service.
Alex of Aurora, CO
Tons of Pods!
My pods arrived safely and were incredibly active... not to mention HUGE! Most places when you get pods, you can barely see them, not so with these, they were giant and as soon as I put the filter media in the tank, they were off climbing into the rocks. My mandarin is very happy!
Karen of Frisco, TX
Fantastic Pod Pak!
You can't go wrong with these, my baby banggai has grown so well between his frozen mysis, but it's the live food that I think really made the difference. I love watching him hunt at night ~ Thanks again Reefs2Go!
Mark of Howells, NY
You guys are simply the best. You get way more than you pay for!
alana of lawrence
My Gobies love them and are in great health,
John of Virginia
Amphipods & Copepods - 250
Have ordered these several times and always fast shipping with excellent packaging and alive and well. a great Deal !!!
Jimmy Lawrence of Waco Texas
Just received my package and the pods were in great shape. Shipping was fast! My mandarin will love these.
Jennifer of Florida
Copepods Mix
This was my first time buying copepods and I was so excited when they came! My mandarin just loved them!! This site will be the site I order from for now on!!
Jennifer of California
copepod and amphipod mix
I ordered 500 and got way more! Thank you! Lots of fat lively bugs. My fish( hawkfish especially) were beside themselves with joy. They love a treat of live food once in a while. Thanks you guys, you never disappoint.
jeff T of albany ny
copepod & amphipods
Was skeptical at first and was worried about them being alive when they got here and too my surprise all 250 of them were all alive!! Ordering some more in a few weeks. And as an added bonus I also received a free piece of coral. All for 9.99
Long of Orlando, fl
Great site to order from!
I ordered the 250 pods $9.99 free shipping it came with the deal spend a $1 get a zoo pack, shipping was quick and packaging was great with ice packs so it won't get to hot during shipping in this Florida weather. Great deal! I will be ordering more things in the future!
Kerry Sullivan of FL
I just received my order of 250 and all were alive and packaged very well. My picky mandarin LOVES them!!! I will definitely be ordering more, thank you!!
Joey of MS
(BOGO) Amphipods & Copepods - 1000
I had previously ordered this, and decided it was time to refresh the population. Once again, R2G delivered a spectacular bag of pods. There is no way to count them, but I am convinced there are many more than what I'm paying for. The amphipods alone look like that many! You will NOT be disappointed. These reviews are proof of that.
Cori of Florida
As part of my first purchase from R2G I was pleased with what I received. I was also very appreciative of the directions that were included with the pods.
Mina of Long Island, NY
Order of Pods
Wow! I guess I am used to being misled about quantity of pods. But you guys underestimated how many critters there were in the bags. A week later I started finding them in the sump and on the live rock. So they are happy and reproducing all over the place. Mandarin and scooter are nice and chubby.
Jan of Pa
best deal around and free shipping too!
rebecca of fort smith, ar
I received way more amphipods and copepods than just 250 in each bag they were fat healthy and very much alive!!!! I am very happy w/ my order. I WILL be a return customer. thank you reefs2 go. Rebecca
Stephanie of Gibsonville, NC
copepod order
Order # 2013-05-55443 Your service is great - excellent communication! The pods came in no time and were nice and fat and plenty of them. Unfortunately my mandarin is still looking skinny so I will try buying another batch and definitely from your company. Great price, great service!
Kevin of Kansas
I bought the 250 pack and could not be happier!!! Great packaging, fast shipping and all arrived alive!!!
csig of western ny
My tank already has a decent copepod population, so I was mostly interested in the amphipod part of this package. I expected to see maybe 10 amphipods when it arrived. I don't know how many there were in there, but it was definitely over 50 and possibly over 100 amphipods. I am truly impressed. Thanks!
Jason of Ohio
You guys are great. Always friendly and more than what I expect when product comes in. Will def. order again.
Darla of Seattle
Fast shipping, and as far as I could tell, all 2000 were alive! My fish thank you!
jason of cape cod massachusettes
I have bought these pods twice all showed up alive and well
Chris Rohan of Costa Mesa, CA
Arrived very healthy, thxs!
Tom L of Reading Pa
they were all alive when delivered my only complaint is I should have ordered more will definitely order them again
charles of idaho
9.99 free ship pod mix
I have ordered these twice both times i am amazed by the packaging. the first order i would have questioned if there were in fact 250 pods as only large amphiopods can be easily seen. after a few weeks of the pods being in my sump i began to notice it was becoming full of pod life as a result of the pods growing in size making them visible to the naked eye. the second order had many more large pods. All in all I will definatly order more.
asudavew of Texas
9.99 pods
Due to work addy, post office, and weekend, I got my pods 3 days late......... They all seemed to be alive. There were a bunch, and I added them to 2 tanks and a sump. My angel fish killed several of the bigger ones. Hopefully some will survive for the mandarin. I think I will be ordering these every other week or so...
james of texas
best price on the internet, my fish love them
Marlene Foreman of louisiana
healthy and active
Harry Monceaux of Louisiana
I recieved my shipment a day late, but thanks to the GREAT packaging, Not a single dead pod. Reefs2go is a very professional and well ran business. My Fish appreciate the pods.Thanks!!!!
James Lockhart of Beckley,WV
250 pod pack
Great pods all where alive and my mandarin loves them.
james of texas
it's like candy for my reef inhabitants, my cleaner wrasse goes crazy
L Jones of GA
great price on pods + free shipping makes it awesome
Eddy S of Wilmington NC
great everything
250...More like 500. I order about 250 every month for my mandarin. By the way the customer service is top notch.
Tim of Ri
They where all alive and big , but they keep hiding in my filter ?
M. Wise of Spring Hill, Fl
Saltwater Amphipods & Copepods
Fast ship, All alive...Second time I ordered. Will order from them again
John Z of New Jersey
Copeods and Amphipods
I have ordered these many time. I'm very happy and would highly reccommend them. Delivery is always on time and the copeods were always alive.
Delina of Richmond Hill, GA
This is the 2nd time we have bought these for our goby and both times they have came in perfect condition! Will continue to order from here :-)
Torye Young of GA
By far the best company selling pods. This is my third order from them. I got my order within 3days as promise and will be ordering from this company again!!!!!!!
Ryan of Fl
Bought a few hundred of these and my madarin & leopard wrasse love them. Definitely will buy more of these in the future.
Rik of Annandale, VA
Saltwater Amphipods & Copepods - 250
These critters arrived with a heat pack during 30-degree temps. They needed some tank water temperature drips before becoming very active. Many were hiding in the filter floss they ship with so I found it best to wedge the floss in between rocks in the tank for a day or so to let the pods seek better shelter. I am getting ready to order my third batch. Great deal for the money and convenience.
Krissy of LA
250 Pods
Love this stuff and so do my fish. I bought it for the Mandarin, but my other fish eat them as well :) Will order this A LOT...Thanks!
Jay of New York
Best place to get pods
I've ordered pods from r2g a few times now, by far the best place to get them price wise and quantity wise
Daniel of Salt Lake
I bought these for my 29 gal nano in preparation for a Mandarin Goby, and they were awesome! I put half in my main tank and half in my refugium about a month ago, and I just looked in my refugium yesterday and I could see them crawling around all over. I don't have a light back there yet, so I wasn't sure how they would do, but they seem to be doing just fine, and my Mandarin couldn't be happier. I will be getting more of these for sure.
Lori Lehman of Michigan
Live pods
All pods were moving and large! Will be ordering again!
Edna of Las Vegas
5 stars!!!
Best place to get your pods! Great amount and size. Packaging alone was amazing and no extra charge there. Very please with my purchase...that's why I keep coming back. Thanks reef2go!
Terri of FL
Amazing packing job and super fast shipping!! As far as I can tell, not one single pod died. These things were HUGE and so many of them!! They acclimated very quickly and have set up shop in my tank. Very pleased!
Albert Hernandez of Bakersfield, Ca
Buying Experience
Great place to do business with. On time and alive.I will be doing business with them again.
Agnes/Nate of South Carolina
More than expected!
Thought there would be a lot less than there was. Sponges are filled with them, so i would advise letting them sit for awhile in the tank. 5-10 min should be good.
Jerry of El Sobrante
I ordered 250 and there way way more then that at least 500+ they are everywhere!!! They have been cleaning a lot I was sure they would all hide but they didn't now i don't really have any fish so they were dropped in during the day and are not being eaten "yet". I'll be buying a few hundred more soon thanks R2G!
Lou of Maine
These shipped fast and there were way more than I expected. Settled nicely right in my tank, couldn't have asked for more.
John of San Diego, CA
Amphi-/Cope- pods
I am VERY impressed at how well the package came. To be honest, buying these at $9.99 is almost worth the packaging alone. 1) shipped in a nice packed styrofoam box, with heat pack 2) a little filter media was added to keep the pods (most) safe. 10/10 for packaging, 10/10 for customer service. R2G really took care of me by replacing a portion of my pods order that didn't make the trip. I won't hesitate to buy from again, as a matter of fact... I did just reorder and ordered some other things!...
Chuck of New Jersey
Despite shipping two day in cold weather, the pods were in perfect shape when they arrived. Packaging was excellent! I ordered 2 250 portions, and I think I probably ended up with 50% more than that. The pods were active and healthy, when I dumped them in I did not spot a single dead individual. They all quickly ran and hid, just like I'd expect. They are eating voraciously, I watched a group of them consume an entire krill in about 30 minutes. Definitely good cleanup bugs, and I will definit...
Cedric Tesson of New York
I receive my 250 pods yesterday and it was in excellent condition, perfectly packed. Awesome.
Bill of Conover, NC
250 pods
BEST EyePod out there! Score 250 out of 10 250 count must have been more like 500
James W of New Orleans
I ran across this deal for 250 amphipods and copepods with free shipping. I have a 30 gallon FOWLR and these guys arrived alive and kicking. Thanks I will definitely support this site in the future
Lynn of Florida
Healthiest pods I have ever gotton. Very lively little bunch, my fish was eating them up and they took to the rocks and sand very quickly in retreat. I was not sure how to get them out of the filter media so I just tore it a little at a time and stretched it out. They were popping out like crazy right into the tank.
Cody of Batesburg , sc
copepods and amphipods
When these arrived at my house i thought they would be all dead but they weren't. the people at reefs 2 go really took an extra step to make sure they arrived alive i also got a free coral frag with my purchase for no additional charge and cheap price. can't bet that and I WILL BE ORDERING AGAIN soon.
Denise of Colorado
Best I've seen, arrive alive and my mandarin LOVES them. Wouldn't order anywhere else.
Timmothy LaPlante of Hawaii
Great order!
Great packaging and shipping tine was phenomenal! I definitely will be ordering again for my Mandarin!
Tommyz of Big Flats, NY
Just like every other review on this site im so impressed. I have bought pods from otehr sourses and they were ok at best. This just blew my mind. From those tiny little critters to huge sizes. I put the filter media with a handfull in my refugium to breed. The remainder i dumed in my tank. I feed my scooter blenny baby brine that he loves..But when i dumped these in he went nuts!!! If i could give this higher than a 10/10 i would. WILL be buying again!
Brad king of Texas
Wow, awesome, all healthy
clarisse of nj
250 amphippods
got this second time i order,they all were big and alive and moving scary things lol,but worth the money.
Brenda of Pa.
Live food *Copepods*
I bought pods from a few retailers. I couldn't even see them in the bottles, I thought I got ripped off and so did my family. Said I bought an expensive bottle of water. Then I gave REEFS2GO a chance. The best move I made on the live foods REEFS2GO are the best. I was actually a little scared to open the bag, but I did. HA! HA! You don't even have to squint to see the copepods, their that big and the price is terriffic. Don't hesitate with REEFS2GO you will be very very pleased. I know I am e...
Mako Yerby of Dallas ,TX