Lettuce Nudibranch (Tridachia crispata) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!
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Lettuce Nudibranch (Tridachia crispata) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!
Lettuce Nudibranch (Tridachia crispata) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!

Lettuce Nudibranch (Tridachia crispata) - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!

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The Saltwater Lettuce Nudibranch is an excellent ELIMINATOR of Hair Algae- however since that is all it eats, it will die if there is not any hair algae for it to eat! The side appendages called parapodia are highly folded giving the nudibranch a ruffled appearance. It is also known as the Lettuce Sea Slug. When adding to your tank - Please remember - this guy is little and light as a feather - after following the acclimation instructions included with your shipment, please place the nudibranch into the area of hair algae. Do NOT simply think you can allow him to float and find his way to the trouble spot - he is way to small and will die of starvation before he makes it half way across your tank. He was conceived in hair algae, born in the hair algae and will die in the hair algae. Help the little guy out by placing him where he belongs - in the hair algae!!

Please purchase conservatively.

COMMON NAME: Lettuce Nudibranch
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tridachia crispata
FOOD/DIET: Herbivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderate
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Jennifer S Rossi of Metairie, LA
Just the cure for hair algae!
OMG...THE best cure for hair algae, & I have tried everything!!! And this BOGO is unbelievable! Thanks, Reefs2Go!!
Heather of Pennsylvania
Love these little guys!
These algae eaters are adorable! They move very quickly around the tank cleaning everything! Just beware uncovered power heads!
brian of iowa
lettuce nudibranch
Bought 2 in November, already have at least 6-8 babies about 1/2" long.
brian of iowa
lettuce nudibranch
Bought 2 in November. Since then, they have laid eggs about 10-12 times, and I currently have at least 6-8 babies between 1/4-1/2" long.
Damon of Nebraska
Lettuce Nudibranch
Just got 2 of these little guys today and after acclimating and put them on my branch coral they went right to work eating some hair algae away. I can already see a clear path where they have eaten. Love these guys.
Randy B of Syracuse, NY
Lettuce Nudibranch (Tridachia crispata
Great Little Guys, with Big appetite for Nuisance Hair Algae. i put a few of these little Lawnmowers in my Tank, and they've cleaned just about all of it.
Tiffany Benzine of morrisville
Love these little nudibranches!
I received mine today - they are adorable! Now, they are light as a feather, so I placed them (grasping them gently) on the hair algae and they quickly attached and are munching away. Highly recommended!
Shawn DeJournett of TX
Lettuce Nudibranch vs. Bryopsis
You will not find a better deal than this on these lettuce nudibranchs anywhere else! These are the ONLY animal I have found that will eat Bryopsis. These slugs from R2G are very hardy too.
Gary of Indiana
Lettuce Nudibranch
These are great. I have 4 in my 75 gallon. They are good size. They can clean out paths of hair algea vey well. They move slow but look cool moving around and on the glass. I would definately get them again.