Mini Yellow Cucumber
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Mini Yellow Cucumber
Mini Yellow Cucumber

Mini Yellow Cucumber

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The Mini Yellow Cucumber requires live rock to provide the nutrients it needs to sustain its health. Owners and potential buyers should realize that it has the potential to poison an aquarium. The chances of this happening are very rare unless it is stressed. It is perfect for nano tanks.
Customer Reviews
Shari of FL
Yellow Sea Cucumber
This little guy's color is absolutely stunning. While he may not be the "quickest" guy in the tank. He certainly adds a bright color and is interesting to look at.
Orlando Rivera of Bethlehem PA
Saltwater Mini Yellow Cucumber
cute little guy, at first I thought it was DOA but the little guy proved me wrong, he is doing very well in my tank. thanks
Lee of AL
Great Little Cuke
I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be doing great. It's a filter feeder that stays put once it finds a place with a little current. Arrived in great shape! Great for my nano tank!