White Leg Hermit Crab (Clibanarius sp) -Buy1 Get 1 FREE
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White Leg Hermit Crab (Clibanarius sp) -Buy1 Get 1 FREE

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The White Leg Hermit Crab is a very active crab that will move around the home aquarium very rapidly scavenging for food. They voraciously eat algae, but will also scavenge for food else were in the aquarium.The White Leg Hermit Crab | |= COMMON NAME: ||= White Leg Hermit Crab | |= SCIENTIFIC NAME: ||= Clibanarius sp | |= SIZE AVAILABLE: ||= ~.25-.75 inch | |= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 1 crab per gallon | |= FOOD/DIET: ||= Omnivore | |= CARE LEVEL: ||= Moderately easy | |= REEF SAFE: ||= Yes | |= AVAILABILITY: ||= Most always available - 99% | Please note before ordering: *This can be for one of the following, human consumption, while not recommended or used for bait or feeder food for pets. *We have the required federal and state permits to provide this marine life. Available upon request, for all clients or law enforcement officials. *We guarantee that the item(s) will be packaged safely and shipped by next day delivery - only.
Customer Reviews
Jeanne Spencer of Valrico, Florida
White Crabs
Love these little guys! One of the girls at Reefs2go told me about them and they are so cute, they RUN around and they try on shells, then go back to their own shell, very entertaininbg to watch!
Damon of Nebraska
White Legged Crabs
Bought these on the BOGO deal. Starting looking for food in the substrate as soon as i dropped them in my 46G Bowfront tank. Look great with the white legs and very active. Thnx Reefs2Go.
Jared Johnson of WA
Busy, Busy
Bought these on the BOGO deal, and they got right to working cleaning. I didn't find them as attractive as the blue legs, but they are quite large and are constantly cleaning. I will not be ordering again, but not from lack of service or the crabs abiility to do it's job.
Craig of Ft Detrick MD
White Hermit Crabs
I bought 6 of these guys,5 were kinda small and 1 was huge, after about an hour they all found new shells. I have never seen hermit's move so fast they are awesome, love watching them and I can already tell they are getting bigger. coolest hermits I have by far.
George H of Denver, Colorado
Best little sand cleaner - EVER
I set up a 29G cube about 10 months ago. Everything has been relatively stable but I could never keep the sand bed clean (sugar fine white aragonite). I put these guys in at around 6pm. The next morning my entire sandbed was shiny white. No joke, it looks like brand new sand. I purchased two of the buy-one-get-one deals for a total of four. They put my emerald crabs and blue leg hermits and scarlet reds to shame. Best of all it was only $4 for all four. you must, MUST get some of these for yo...
Curtis Neil of Cohoes NY
White Leg Hermits
out of all the hermits i have ever gotten for my reef the runner up to the blue legs would be these guys. they are vary active and go non stop. the are with out a doubt one of the hardest workers in my tank. A must for every reef in my book.
Harold McCampbell of Grovelsnd, il
White hermit crabs
I brought 3 and got 3 free and these boys went to town on my sand floor immediately. Great species!
William of nothern illinois
bogo White hermit crab
I am totally happy with what i got, i was a little nervous as the tracking information was rather incomplete, but they arrived today and it appears that one of them molted during the trip, but they look happy healthy and ready to rock and roll
Brian of Texas
White Leg Hermit Crab
These are fascinating, very active crabs. In my tank, they scavenge uneaten food, dead fish, and algae. Unfortunately, they grow to more than two inches across. At this size, they will be predatory on small crabs and soft corals. They would make a perfect focal animal for a nano tank or a species tank. I would give them a ten but for their large size and risk to small, slow moving tank inhabitants.
Sheila of Minnesota
White Leg Hermit crabs
I'm in Minnesota, despite it being very cold when they arrived, after acclimation these crabs did very well. The most animated crabs ever. They add alot of action to the tank. I received a variety of sizes which was nice. Some were quite large.
Blake of South Carolina
White Leg Hermit Crab
Great buy !!! Absolutely love these crabs. As soon as they hit the sand in my tank they went to work eatin.This was my first internet buy a d I will be buying more stuff from reefs2go fast shipping everything was healthy no problems what so ever.
Jerry of El Sobrante
Great little guy!
I got one of these as a hitchhiker with some snails and it was a great little surprise. I will defiantly be ordering more of these! he went right to work and started cleaning the sand bed.
Chris of Florida
Best Crabs
These are the best crabs i have ever had. they have the most personality out of all the hermit crabs. they are very active how ever they did not last long. Some were dead when they arrived and they only lasted a few days in the tank. I would be willing to try again.
Jozee of Washington State
I LOVE these guys!!
These guys are really a hoot to watch - very active, very fast and busy all the time. They all arrived healthy, hearty and ready to go - they were hard at work within minutes of acclimation.
james mccloud of columbus indiana
whte leg hermit crat
these crabs arrived alive and very active as soon as they was placed in the tank they was everywhere even got to watch one jump into a new shell in the first hour amazing little guys also half my order was way bigger then expected
Kevin Harris of Houston, Texas
White Leg Hermit Crabs
Crabs arrived alive and well. Once in the tank they are very active and will scour the tank looking for food. I highly reccomend these crabs for any reef tank!
Chery of Maine
white leg crabs
i ordered some as bogo and got several more in a pkg. i love these guys. tiny, funny, very fast. a blast to watch. 10+++
Ronny of Panama City bch,FL
White Leg Hermit
These guys are great to watch. On a site im a member of they say to watch the around your snails though(they like to snatch them out of there shells). But I think they add a lot of personality to my tank. Thanks Reefs2go
Melissa King of Ventura, CA
White Leg Hermit Crab Review
These little hermits are AWESOME. I have only ever seen them here at They are so cute and funny! Fearless, they roam around on the sand bed. They may sometimes climb at night, but can always be seen out and about on the sand. They are FAST for crabs, and really a joy to watch!
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