Sand Sifting Crab (Emerita talpoidea)
Sand Sifting Crab (Emerita talpoidea)

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Sand Sifting Crab (Emerita talpoidea)
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Sand Sifting Crab (Emerita talpoidea)
Sand Sifting Crab (Emerita talpoidea)

Sand Sifting Crab (Emerita talpoidea)

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Saltwater Sand Sifting Crab

Emerita talpoidea

The Sand Sifting Crab is a reef-safe filter feeder that will
help keep your aquariums sand bed clean and aerated. They do
not have any claws, instead they have multiple digging
appendages on their underside used to help them burrow into
the sand. They also have feather-like antenna that are highly
adapted to filter out micro organisms from the water.

  • Small body without real claws.
  • Can be kept in groups and are reef safe.

Customer Reviews
Kelly of Alabama
Sand Sifting Crab
Perfect in shipping. Fun to watch....get eaten! These are some really stupid crabs! We tried putting them in one at a time enclosed until they reached the sand and boom! They would swim up and the small ones were eaten quickly by larger fish. One swam right into an anemone and was fatally stung before I could get him out! Of the seven purchased I know three have survived so far as I have seen them "sifting through the sand!" So beware and have fun. These will be a do over in the future.