Porcelain Crab (Porcellana sayana)- Green
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Porcelain Crab (Porcellana sayana)- Green
Porcelain Crab (Porcellana sayana)- Green
Porcelain Crab (Porcellana sayana)- Green

Porcelain Crab (Porcellana sayana)- Green

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Porcellana sayana The Saltwater Porcelain Crab is a great addition to any reef aquarium as they are algae eaters and are very colorful. Saltwater Porcelain Crabs are also filter feeders and have a pair of maxillipeds that they use to catch microorganisms such as plankton in the water. Very reef safe and fun to watch.
COMMON NAME: Saltwater Porcelain Crab
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Porcellana sayana
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~.5-1 inch
MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 1 crab per gallon
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Wendy Yfert of Vista, California
Porcelain Crabs
I bought 2 of these guys about 2 months ago. They came very healthy and after acclimating they were all over my Reef tank. They are so cool to watch and are our where you can watch them eat most of the time. One was about the size of a 50 cent piece, and the other about a quarter. They have already grown noticeably!! Thanks R2G As Always very happy
Patsy Moulton of Greeneville,Tn.
All my orders
Reefs 2 Go is a great place to get your salt water pets from.They are great to deal with. I will be back for another order very soon . Thank You.
Jerry S. of Lakeland, FL
Pocelain Crabs
I purchased 2 of these little critters just to have on my clean up crew. These little guys are so neat just hanging around on the side of my rocks just waiting on the little morsels to come along to grab and eat. Thanks for the hard work you guys do for us...thanks Reefs2Go