Polka Dot Hermit Crab (Phimochirus operculatus)

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Polka Dot Hermit Crab (Phimochirus operculatus)
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Polka Dot Hermit Crab (Phimochirus operculatus)
Polka Dot Hermit Crab (Phimochirus operculatus)
Polka Dot Hermit Crab (Phimochirus operculatus)

Polka Dot Hermit Crab (Phimochirus operculatus)

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The Orange Saltwater Polka Dot Hermit Crab (Phimochirus operculatus) uses a Turbo Snail shell as its home and when "inside" its shell- its large claw covers the opening and looks just like a Turbo Snail. It is the ONLY hermit crab that does this, allowing the crab to blend into the setting.
Please view our You Tube video below to see how cool this little crab really is on the reef.

COMMON NAME: Polka Dot Hermit Crab
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phimochirus operculatus
FOOD/DIET: detritus
CARE LEVEL: minimal
REEF SAFE: as with any crab - if they are hungry - there may be trouble
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 50%

Please note: These are aquatic saltwater hermit crabs. They must be kept in an aquarium filled with salt water. They are not pet land hermit crabs.

Customer Reviews
Donavan of Ohio
polka dot hermit crabs
bought 2 of these guys and absolutely love them they have a great personality and an excellent fit in reef tank plays well with others will be ordering more when available
Jessica of Rockville, Maryland
So Adorable!
This has got to be the cutest hermit crab ever. He stands out from everyone else with ease. He was already out and about in the bag he was shipped in. My only regret is that I did not order more. If you like hermits, you need at least one of these guys.