Emerald Crab (Mithrax sculptus)- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!
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Emerald Crab (Mithrax sculptus)- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!
Emerald Crab (Mithrax sculptus)- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!

Emerald Crab (Mithrax sculptus)- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!

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The Saltwater Emerald Crab is a great addition to any aquarium and is reef safe. They eat bubble algae and are very easy to take care of. Ample food needs to be present for them though as they will clean all the bubble algae out of the aquarium. Supplementing seaweed or chopped meaty food will suffice for them. They are also scavengers and will clean out most organic debris from the aquarium. | |= COMMON NAME: ||= Emerald Crab | |= SCIENTIFIC NAME: ||= Mithrax sculptus | |= SIZE AVAILABLE: ||= ~1/2 inch | |= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 1 per 25 gallons | |= FOOD/DIET: ||= Omnivore | |= CARE LEVEL: ||= Moderately easy | |= REEF SAFE: ||= Considered safe, may be aggressive | |= AVAILABILITY: ||= Most always available - 99% | *Easy to care for and considered reef safe. *Recommended stocking is 1 per 25 gallons. *A crab with a green exoskeleton and "hairy" legs. *The Emerald is an EXTREMELY hardy creature that can survive a lot of harsh conditions.
Customer Reviews
Chris of Abilene, Texas
emerald crab
Nice crabs, Happy to take meaty morsels, would like to get a couple more, nice size too
Deedee Coplin of mo.
emerald green crab
I bought one of these guys and I feel in love. They are amazing to watch at night. They say they are reef safe but all aren't. Mine decided to pluck off my 'sorry I'm blank on the name. Its a coral that looks like grass growing. I actually watched him for a few min. To be sure he was eating it. Yes he was, so I had to put him in my sub. Tank. I still love him. He's gotten really big so he's healthy. Just be ware.
SedricTDS of Dallas, TX
Awesome Crabs!
Bought my first two from here several years ago for my 55 gal. When it was time to stock my upgrade 180 gal I knew where to come. Great customer service and awesome livestock. What else can you ask for!
Harold McCampbell of Groveland, il
Buy 1 get 1 half missing
I open up the bag and found 1 health looking Emerald Crab (Mithrax sculptus) and another one MIA? I found a 1 claw and i think the bottom half of the head? I guess the other guy was hungry! Other than that the live one is striving and doing a great job!
Brian of Texas
Green Mithraculus Crab
These crabs are fun to watch and tough as nails.
William of Alexandria, VA
The emerald and ruby mithrax crabs I bought from you arrived well and are growing and gobbling up the algae at an amazing rate. Every one should have some of these.
Cecilia Brasier of New Castle , DE
green crabs
My first time ordering and I'm very pleased. I ordered 2 crabs and the jumped in and started worked working right away on my gha and it wasn't even night time. He was hiding but reaching out with his claw doing the job!
Jerry S. of Lakeland, FL
Emerald Crabs
Cool them and they started to work as soon as they hit the water.....thanks Reefs2Go
Maciej Swieboda of Denver , NY
Emerald Crab
Great buy. They moved right in and started to feed on. Look happy and at home. Thank you.
christine gilmore of clearwater , FL
Happy with this Purchase
Love these guys they are just devouring my GHA!!!
Sandra Schuman of Milton,Vermont 05468
Love them
I Bought 2 of these and thay are so Cool
Vicki of Ft. Myers, Florida
Emerald Crab
I got 2 of these little guys and they are funny to watch. They hide all day but as soon as the moonlight comes on they are out and about.
tom of ohio
great products/service
the emerald crabs arrived in great shape and are an interesting addition to my reef tank
Fernando T of Hazleton, PA
Emerald crabs
These guys are very active and amazing to watch while they clean.
John of Tampa, Fl
Emerald crabs
Got four of these guys, arrived alive and healthy....doing great...Thanks R2G for the new members of my tank family
Dan of Philadelphia, PA
Great Cleaners
Love these little guys! They hide a bunch, but do a heck of a job cleaning up the tank. Have seen them working the hair algae too!
billy of tallahassee
the real cleaners of my tank
I love these guys they are always eating
Ed of Valrico, FL
Review of Emerald Crabs
I ordered two of these fellows and both arrived alive and well. I put them in my tank and they seem to be doing just fine. Another great purchase from Reefs2Go and fast service.
Melissa King of Ventura, CA
Emerald Crab Review
These Emerald "mithrax" crabs are the BEST for removing unwanted hair algae. They pretty much keep to themselves, and are fun to watch!