Decorator Crab (Oregonia gracilis)
Decorator Crab (Oregonia gracilis)

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Decorator Crab (Oregonia gracilis)
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Decorator Crab (Oregonia gracilis)
Decorator Crab (Oregonia gracilis)

Decorator Crab (Oregonia gracilis)

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Decorator Crab

Oregonia gracilis

The Saltwater Decorator Crab is a perfect crab for a reef tank
as it helps propagate soft corals through the aquarium. They
generally decorate their shells with algea, soft corals, or
sponge as a method to camoflauge themselves. The Saltwater
Decorator Crab is a nocturnal crab and hunts at night. Food
may need to be supplemented such as dead s

COMMON NAME: Decorator Crab
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Oregonia gracilis
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1 1/2 inches
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
REEF SAFE: Moderately
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

Customer Reviews
Shannon P of Milwaukee, WI
Decorator crab
I purchased four of these. One punctured the bag and arrived out of water, but despite being that way for hours, it perked right up once acclimated and the next day was cruising around the tank. Each crab was decorated with different sponges/items which makes each one unique and fascinating in its own way. The crabs are fairly large, larger than I expected them to be.
Anthony of Bossier city,LA
Decorator crab
Very interesting specimen. Very spider like and fairly large.