Blue Leg Hermit Crab
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Blue Leg Hermit Crab

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==Clibanarius tricolor== The Blue leg hermit crab is a reef safe hermit crab which eats algae and left over food. It is a nice addition to the aquarium as this crab stands out with it's bright blue legs. They are an omnivorous bottom feeder which has be
Customer Reviews
Marcello of McAllen, Tx
Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
I bought 15 of these guys along with some other crabs. I didnt want to order to many in fear i was going to get ripped off like with other online store and local store in my area. I figured for the price i cant really get to upset, INSTEAD i was really suprised. Disription is exactly wat you get packaging was very professional and crabs are SUPER active fun to watch and they're nonstop only regret is i didnt order a whole lot more, but shipping is still way cheaper than any other site
jared of miami
blue leg hermits
had horrible algae problem bought 100 and in a week they cleared the tank amazing prices and quality thanks
Conrad of Chicago, Illinois
Got 8 of these guys. Quite small but within a day they already changed shells =D. Don't seem to harm snails. Great addition to tank.
N.Parker of Rowlett Tx
Hermit Crab
Order two hundred but only about half made it past acclamation. I was just gonna blow it off when Christina contacted me to follow up on order. She offered to replace them with my next order. Great customer service. The second bunch seemed to do much better.
Mike of Pensacola FL
Blue Crabs
Excellent product! I have order 2 different orders and very pleased.
trimax of Knoxville TN
blue leg crabs
I bought several blue lega hermit crabs a few weeks ago. They are doing great in my tank. Unfortunately there is lots of work for them to do.
Brent Armstrong of Jackson Tennessee
Blue leg crabs
Excellent distributor quality products excellent customer service
Janie Nurse of Tn
great stuff
I couldn't have been more pleased with my recent order of a mixed CUC and live pods. Great prices, cutomer service and shipping, all arrived live and on time.
E Young of Valrico, FL
Blue Leg Crab Review
I ordered a bunch of these fellows as part of a cleanup crew and most arrived alive and well. I emailed the company about the couple of dead ones and they credited me with 6 more when I order again. I put them in my tank and they seem to be doing their job quite well. Another great purchase from Reefs2Go and fast service.
Walter P of Clearwater, FL
Great deal
I bought 35 of these little guys from R2G. Very happy with my purchase. The crabs are a bit on the small side but didn't matter to me. They'll grow out. No LFS around here even comes close to R2G on price. The average rate around here is like $1, and I paid $.35 each!
Chris Shuller of Panama City Beach,FL
blue legs and goodies
We ordered 150 hermit crabs and everyone of them were alive! Fast shipping too! Will order again in the future.
aron newfield of daytona
blue legged hermits
Very supportive. Backed their product when some came empty.
Tom K. of Fernandina Beach, Fl.
Blue Leg Crabs
I could not be any happier with my purchase from Reefs2Go! Because I have not purchased from R2G before I decided to make a trial purchase. When i received the livestock they we all alive and well and after a head count I realized that R2G had added a couple extra crabs and even two extra empty shells. I will be coming back for additional purchases as soon as my tank is fully cycled and also when i get my other aquariums up and running. I highly recommend this family operated business.
Sarah of Riverview, FL
Order in bulk!
You really can't beat the price for these guys. They're very pretty, super hardy, and clean really well.
Brian T of ND
Blue Legged Hermit Crabs
Very healthy and active bunch that came in a variety of sizes and shell shapes. I was impressed with the fact that not one perished during shipment. There always seems to be one or two extra in case one doesn't make it through shipping.
Teresa Reisdorfer of Eldridge, IA
Hermit Crabs
We ordered 300 crabs and they all arrived alive and well. They arrived early the next day and were in the tank within 14 hours of shipment. Would definitely order again.
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