Bluejaw Trigger - Male
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Bluejaw Trigger - Male
Bluejaw Trigger - Male

Bluejaw Trigger - Male

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Bluejaw Trigger ==Xanthichthys auromarginatus== |= COMMON NAME: ||= Bluejaw Trigger | |= SCIENTIFIC NAME: ||= Xanthichthys auromarginatus | |= SIZE AVAILABLE: ||= ~3-4 inch | |= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 70 gallons | |= FOOD/DIET: ||= Carnivore | |= CARE LEVEL: ||= Moderately easy | |= REEF SAFE: ||= Yes, but may nip at clams and invertebrates. | |= AVAILABILITY: ||= Most always available - 99% | *Also known as Blue Chin Trigger, Blue Throat Trigger and Gilded Trigger. *The male Bluejaws are more colorful with yellow trimming their fins and blue accenting their jaw line.
Customer Reviews
Craig of York
What a great fish, not agressive even allows my cleaner shrimp to clean him! Not to mention he is a beautiful fish. Also great customer service. This is a very good and trustworthy site to get fish.
MichaelCaffrey of Staten Island NY
This trigger arrived healthy and acclimated fast and is an awesome addition to my tank...P.S. this fish is ussually more exspensive at other stores.