Sailfin Tang Fish (Zebrasoma veliferum)

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Sailfin Tang Fish (Zebrasoma veliferum)
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Sailfin Tang Fish (Zebrasoma veliferum)
Sailfin Tang Fish (Zebrasoma veliferum)
Sailfin Tang Fish (Zebrasoma veliferum)

Sailfin Tang Fish (Zebrasoma veliferum)

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The Sailfin Tang is aggressive towards its own species but peaceful towards other fish. It eats filamentous algae. It is important that they are offered plenty of marine based seaweed and algae.

COMMON NAME: Sailfin Tang
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Zebrasoma veliferum
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1 1/2 inches
MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 100 gallons
FOOD/DIET: Herbivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately Easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

Customer Reviews
Julie of OK
Sailfin Tang
Beautiful fish! Easy to care for - eats well - peaceful with others - lovely! Prone to get ich, although I hear that many Tangs do... Not sure if that's true or not.
N. parker of Rowlett Tx
Sailfin Tang
Very nice bright colored fish. Very active and eating well within a day.