Mata Tang
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Mata Tang
Mata Tang

Mata Tang

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Mata Tang ==Acanthurus mata== | |= COMMON NAME: ||= Mata Tang | |= SCIENTIFIC NAME: ||= Acanthurus mata | |= SIZE AVAILABLE: ||= ~2 inches | |= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 75 gallons | |= FOOD/DIET: ||= Planktivore | |= CARE LEVEL: ||= Moderate | |= REEF SAFE: ||= Yes | |= AVAILABILITY: ||= Most always available - 99% | *Also known as Elongate Tang. REEF SAFE
Customer Reviews
saltman58 of zumbrota ,mn
mata tang
very happy with my tang, very healthy and vibrant
Katherine of WA
Beautiful, healthy mata tang. Much bigger than expected!
Dave of Cape Coral, FL
Mata Tang
I got a Mata Tang yesterday and he is doing great! When you acclimate them, acclimate for about 3 hours. I found that they (Tangs) need longer acclimation due to the stress of shipping. Thank you for the great fish and I recommend Reefs2go to anyone that needs good quality fish!