Yellow Watchman Goby Fish (Cryptocentrus cinctus)
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Yellow Watchman Goby Fish (Cryptocentrus cinctus)

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The Yellow Watchman Goby is a fun fish that is bright yellow in color and is also known as the Yellow Shrimp Goby. The Yellow Watchman Goby will pair with the Randalls Pistol shrimp as well as the Tiger Pistol Shrimp to create a fun and interesting symbiotic relationship that will entertain you for hours.

COMMON NAME: Yellow Watchman Goby
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cryptocentrus cinctus
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1 1/2 inches
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

Customer Reviews
Khaled of Miami
Tiny Fish
This goby quickly borrowed a hole and has since been hiding. Funny to look at with only its head out scouting lol
Thuy of MN
yellow watchman goby
he was really tiny. I haven't seen mine for awhile and buying a tiger pistol shrimp to pair up with him. I hope he's fine since I don't know where he is hiding in my big 120 tank.
Christi of Southern California
got this guy a week ago
He is just doing great, when he was overnighted he was almost see through, though after acclimating him his color quickly returned and he's been darting around the tank ever since! I can't wait to get a pistol shrimp from reefs2go to pair up with him! Thanks reefs2go your seriously awesome!
marco of nj
yellow watchman goby
recieved him in graet condition . was allitle hesitant to order on line but would do again
Melanie of Virginia
Yellow watchman goby
3/13-This little guy arrived healthy and happy. He has settled right in and I am eagerly awaiting the meeting of he and my pistol shrimp! He is small, but I am glad that I get to watch him grow. He was a trial order to evaluate how r2g conducts business. I am pleased to say that he was packaged with care (along with some ricordea) and great packaging. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you! (I included the date so that people have an idea of how well you are conducting business currentl...
Shay of WV
Yellow Watchman Goby
This is by far the neatest symbiotic relationship I've seen yet! I have an anemone and clownfish but this is so cute to watch! I bought this fish and the tiger pistol shrimp. They arrived way smaller than I expected but they paired up within half an hour. The fish freaked out until it found the shrimp. The shrimp started digging right away and let me tell not let it's tiny size fool you! They can really move some sand quickly! The shrimp kept coming out of it's cave and "looking" tow...
Emily of Texas
Bright little guy with huge personality! Paired with my Tiger Pistol immediately - love at first sight!
Chris of South Carolina
Wow - what a great fish
Got this little guy on my first shipment with Reefs2go - first - so IMPRESSED with the shipment - and this fish is one if the best additions to my tank - Thanks Reefs2go - will order again soon
Michael of Springfield, IL
Yellow Watchman Goby
Cutest little guy out there. I have a nano tank so I like to fill the bottom up with critters that are very active. This yellow watchman is peaceful and are very social once they get acclimated to the tank.
Dennis of Warsaw, VA
Watchman goby
Arrived healty with a green pistol shrimp which started digging as soon as he hit the bottom of the tank.
Carlos of Miami Fl.
Yellow Watchman Goby
I expected something a little bigger. in the first few days he hid so well we thought that one of the pistols shrimps had shot him dead but then he reappeared. great fish though. love to see him sift the sand. Thanks Reefs2go
Patricia of Orlando, FL
cute little guy
Beautiful strong little fish. He is very hardy for what my angel and tangs have put him through. They leave him alone now but he originally was chased and is still doing great. On the small size so I have to make sure he doesn't go into the filter sometimes.
Lancer of Orlando Fl
Yellow Watchman Goby
i got a couple of these they were much bigger than I expected..Great to see in my tank. Thanks reefs2go...
Tonya of Wisconsin
Yellow Watchman goby
I've had this little guy over a month now and he's doing great. I am happy with Reef2Go and will order again.