Twin Spot Goby Fish (Signigobius biocellatus)
Twin Spot Goby Fish (Signigobius biocellatus)
Twin Spot Goby Fish (Signigobius biocellatus)
Manufacturer: Goby
Our Price: $17.58
Retail Price: $19.34

COMMON NAME: Twin Spot Goby
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Signigobius biocellatus
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1/2 inches
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderate
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

  • Also known as Two Spot Goby, Signal Goby, Crabeye Goby and 4 Wheel Drive Goby.

Product Reviews:
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Scott of Newark, Delaware
Twinspot goby
ranked 5.0 our of 5
I have had 3 twinspot gobies before ordering this one from reefs2go, all of them having trouble in captivity. However this specimen was FANTASTIC!!! He immediately accepted all food offered! Live, frozen, pellet, flake, everything. Amazing since this fish is notoriously hard to get to eat. He continually sifts sand, digs and cleans out his burrow and gets along with others. The best one by far I have ever had or seen. Highly satisfied! :-)
Dale of Washington,mo.
twospot goby
ranked 5.0 our of 5
recieved this little guy today with the rest of my order. very personable. my whole order arrived in great condition. Reefs 2 Go is the way to go.
Chris Adams of Huntsville, AL
Twin Spot Goby
ranked 5.0 our of 5
This is the first time I ordered fish from a online site. But i was very pleased with the specimen I recieved. I have heard from some these are hard to keep, but i good way to make sure they are getting food from my experince is, use a turkey baster or something close and squirt food (soaked in Kent marine garlic or something simliar) in the sand aroud his burrow and around the tank. This will hopefully help entice him to eat. :)