Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)
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Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)
Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)
Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)
Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)
Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)

Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)

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It is also known as Psychedelic Mandarin. The Mandarin Goby should be kept in a well-established 30 gallon or larger aquarium with live rock, live sand, and plenty of hiding places. It is moderately hardy in reef aquariums, as long as it is given special care. It is not overly aggressive towards other fish, except for fish of the same species.
COMMON NAME: Green Mandarin Goby
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Synchiropus splendidus
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1 1/2 inches
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Khaled of Miami
Really Hard to Keep
Really pretty and gorgeous fish, But not for the beginner. Please refrain from buying if you are new to the hobby.
Donna of West Mid Florida
Mandarin Goby Fish- Green
R2G are GREAT-people and animals. Lucky enough to live close enough for a tour. While there got my favorite fish so far-Mandarin Goby Fish-Green. The pair are the most spectacular fish. Tank mates extraordinaire!
Lori Slebzak of Chestertown , MD
Mandarin Goby
Wow! What a beauty! Added 2 to my 180 gal. Reef tank 2 weeks ago. They stay on opposite sides of the tank and are amazing to watch. You must be sure to have enough Copepods and amphipods as this is their primary diet. I went to a local retailer when I became interested in them and the prices ranged from 70-100 dollars each! Reefs2Go is the only place I now shop for my live stock! Even with overnight shipping charges (same price no matter how many you order) I have saved hundreds of dollars st...
Brittany of Minnesota
He is my favorite in the tank so cute and colorful. Came healthy and cleaning the tank wonderfully!
Adela of Corpus Christi
I bought a pair of these. They are so beautiful and they seem to like hanging out with each other. Arrived healthy and ready to eat.
Sarah of PA
I love my green mandarin, he's beautiful and healthy and the best deal anywhere! I don't even deal with my local fs anymore! I order everything from reefs2go!
Nancy Hesch of Melbourne Fl
Pair of Mandarins
I had requested 1 female and 1 male manderin. I received 1 of each as requested. I have had other fish stores not sure of the difference and the males will fight. Both fish are doing great and are even coming out front and not hiding which surprised me. Love Reefs 2 Go service and knowledge. I will definately keep buying.
Tracy Cummings of Warner Robins , Ga
Just got this in today! Was a little worried at first because Fed Ex tried to kill him, but he acclimated and is doing what he is supposed to do! My package came soaking wet, something had gotten a slight leak and the poor little guy was REALLY cold! But all is well that ends well! Love him to tears! Thanks so much for the quick ship! Everything was perfect after getting it up to temp!
Jose of Dallas
Best fish ever
shawn of ky
Got her this am she beautiful and healthy..
Kelli of Tn
My friend
This guy is awesome... Huge fish. Me and my daughter set up at night just to watch him.. He is the coolest fish I own.. Very nice when it arrived. It is bigger than the one in my local fish store. Buy it you will be amazed
kingdaddy of florida
they even eat live brine !!
mines fat and healthy and even sucks down live brine shrimp which amazes my local aquarium store .
Carl of Michigan
PERFECT!! The Mandarin that I received is beautful, he is much bigger than I expected and starting eating almost right away! Thanks R2G!
Toni Stabilo of Indian Orchard , MA
I ordered one of these. It was a female. I was so please with my order that I ordered another and it was a male. They are now both in the same tank . They get along great. Very healthy and busy eating pods. (I have been ordering pods with all my orders. One of the very few places you can order live copods!) They are a great addition to my seahorse tank! I plan on ordering 2 more for my other tanks. Again you've made me a happy customer!!!
Susan Burk of Seattle
Mandarins are my favorite fish hands down. They are gorgeous and I love how they flutter around the tank. These fish are not for first timers however. They are very picky eaters and require a lot of attention until it's known that they are eating. In the wild these guys live on pods. Lots of them! I but my pods from R2Go and my Mandarins are fat & happy. I supplement with prawn roe which is another food they take to quickly. I'd always back one up with the other.
Mark Brown of Wenatchee Washington
Awesome fish
When I received this awesome fish he was fat and healthy its been over a month now he's still fat and healthy swimming around and enjoying his unique personality thanks reef2go for such a nice fish. Definetly would recommend getting pods with him you can never have to much food them.
Sandra Schuman of Milton,Vermont
Love this one
this one has bright colors, and i am buying another one thay are so COOL
Mark of Arkansas
Mandarin goby
Amazingly beautiful fish. It should be noted however this fish is easily out competed for food by other fish such as wrasse. It survives almost solely on pods and if a healthy refugium is not in place regular addition of pods is crucial for the mardarin gobies survival. Not a beginner fish.
meng lao of revre, ma
pair of mandarin
very nice i was worry about the shiping at first but it make it safe, and fat might i added
Melissa King of Ventura, CA
Mandarin Goby
Beautiful and great fish. Will "dance" at night, if you have a mated pair. Must have LOTS of copepods to eat. Consider having a refugium or well stocked sump if you get this fish. Once that little belly starts to look sunken, it may be too late!