Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)  + 500 Pods
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Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)  + 500 Pods
Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus)  + 500 Pods

Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus) + 500 Pods

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Green Mandarin Goby Fish- Green (Synchiropus splendidus) is a beautiful reef safe fish known for its beautiful colors and alluring pattern. The Mandarin Fish is also known for its specific dietary needs of live copepods/amphipods.
COMMON NAME: Green Mandarin Goby
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Synchiropus splendidus
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1 1/2 inches
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
This is for (1) Mandarin Goby and (1) 500 POD package
Customer Reviews
Lora Stroud of NC
M Goby
Received the healthiest cutest lil fella ever...thanks R2G!
Nathan Naglich of Colorado
Mandarin / Pods
Great fish! Fat and healthy and its eating brine shrimp! great eater loves to cruise the rock searching for food. The quality of pods is Great Tons of pods! great size.
Jay of Central NJ
Just got my female MANDRIN from reefs2go.... Along with some other stuff.... I must say I'm very satisfied with the service and the fish.... Along with pods.... For 9.99 that's a deal and a half.... My fish was packaged nicely and labeld.... I asked for a small female and they def took there time out to make sure I got what I asked for.... This is my first time buying a fish online... I usually go to the LFS.... But I just could not resist the deals on reefs2go....
Scott Bradley of Lancaster Ca.
Mandarin Goby
what a great fish, very easy to care for and fall in love with
Chris Posey of Hawkinsville GA
Mandarin Goby + Pods
Could not be happier, ended up with close to a 1000 pods instead of 500. Turned out to be a male and now he is courting him a new lady in a breeder tank. Fingers crossed as this only my second time breeding Mandarins. Last timeI managed to raise 15 babies to size enough to sell. ThanksR2G always great sea life .
Heidi of Florida
Mandarin and pods
I got two orders of the Mandarins and pods. The fish looked happy and healthy. I asked for a male and female if possible and I got lucky. The male is a big boy and the female is small and dainty. Both are still doing good. Thanks Reefs 2 Go!!
Joey Graham of MS
Mandarin Dragonet + Pods
I tried to resist. R2G made it too tempting. I've been preparing for a couple of months by stocking my tank and refugium with 5000+ pods. I bought two, so the extra 1000+ should provide plenty of food. Both arrived safe and sound. They are more beautiful in real life. PLEASE take the time and effort to prepare for these fish. Understand how to care for them BEFORE you purchase. Thanks, R2G!!!
LD of
I am very happy with this deal. The price cannot be beat, for less than the regular price fo a mandarin, you get a stunning fish and an excellent pod mix. Both the beautiful mandarin and pods arrived happy and healthy. The pods are huge and active.
James Lockhart of Beckley,WV
Great deal
This is a good package the mandarin is huge and loves the pods.
Shari of FL
Goby & Pods
This little guy is adorable. Love watching him flit around the tank. Colorful addition.
Justin L. of McHenry,Ill
Mandarin Goby
What a deal!! We love watching this guy and he is much bigger than we expected. Thanks reefs2go!!
larry kulawiecz of pa
doing great pods were sparse but multiply in the tank. Mandy looks good
William of Alexandria, VA
mandarin goby & pods
I ordered 2 packages and they arrived in good shape but they didn't get along and 1 died 'cause I had nowhere else to put it. The pod pacs have way more than stated on bags.
Cheryl Richards of Cincinnati, , OH
Mandarin Dragonette is so cute
I received my Mandarin Dragonette and copepods a week ago and he is doing great. He is small but so cute and very healthy and the bag of pods were packed with fat pods to keep him happy and well fed! Great combo package and you definitely can't beat the price. I love R2G!!!!
Greg Hodges of Louisville KY
Mandarin Goby and Macro pack
This is the second order I recieved this week from reefs2go. Recived my macro pack and pods for my Refugium and was so please with what I recieved I ordered the Goby. It shipped the same day I ordered it. Even though Fed Ex delivered 3 hours late he seems to be fine. Great packageing. The 750 pods all all active. I 've seen this fish in stores for 70.00 !! I paid 9.99 . Love these guys !!!
LynnCeeBee of Beautiful Upstate New York
Mandarin Gobi + pods
Reefs2Go pods are the best, and a boon to adding the Mandarin Goby to any tank. Their 70's psychedlic colors are absolutely striking, and the fish (I have named mine Hippie-san and Hippie-son) are mesmerizing to watch. Thanks, Christina & Crew, for a beautiful pairing!
brentton of cumming ga
i was kinda skeptical from ordering online, and i was so surprised on how they where all moving and swimming all over the place mostly all of them was alive and that was good and the dragonet well she was pregnant so that was so cool. i will be ordering from you guys soon again
Grace Rais-Rohani of Starkville
Just a beautiful fish
We love our Mandarin Goby, it's just a gorgeous fish! This goby is way fun to watch because of it's color and it also moves around a lot unlike other gobies. It arrived healthy and ready to go after acclimation. THANKS AGAIN REEFS2GO!
Eddy Hary of blakeslee pa
goby man
very healthy and happy interisting fishs with the happy customer
Greg of Plano, TX
Hungry Little Fish!
She was little, but FAT when she arrived, and she was happily munching on the HUGE pods that she came with the minute she hit the tank floor!
Ashley of Inverness, FL
My favorite fish!
What a great deal! Fish is good size, looks healthy and is very happy checking out it's new home. This was my 4th order from reefs2go and everything has been great and healthy!
Eric of Citrus - Florida
Happy Again
Have ordered from Reefs2Go several times and always happy! The Mandarin was no exception! A bit smaller than expected but that's probably best since I had just set up my refugium! I've gotten pods from them a couple times also and they are huge and lively as are the ones in the package deal! Keep up the good work!
Lcpl WIlliam Emory of Centerville, TX
Just got my mandarin and pods in the mail yesterday. They r doing really well great looking fish!! This won't be my last buy from yall! Thank u
Chantel of Fogel, OK
Mandarin goby + pods
This was my first order and I am greatly watching this little guy hover around for the pods..hopefully can order him a mate on next order.
Ed of Alabama
Just got my order today. Fish looks realy well. Once again very happy ! Thanks,Ed
Corrie of Central New York
I received my mandarin today and I was very impressed! He is beautiful. I go to a very nice saltwater store in my area and they have a mandarin for about 70 bucks way more than Reefs2go and does not look as nice with the coloration. I am very happy with my order! Will definitely be ordering again!
Thomas of NC
mandarin gobe & pods
He was a little small but was in great health
Will of Palmyra, Va
Mandarin Goby + Pods
As always everything came healthy and great looking. Fish is beautiful.
Steve of spotsylvania
Every order i have placed has been exactly what i expected or better. great service and live stock comes well packed and alive