Green Coral Goby Fish (Gobiodon histrio)
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Green Coral Goby Fish (Gobiodon histrio)
Green Coral Goby Fish (Gobiodon histrio)
Green Coral Goby Fish (Gobiodon histrio)

Green Coral Goby Fish (Gobiodon histrio)

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The Live Saltwater Fish Green Coral Goby is a very peaceful and reef safe fish that is easy to take care of and very docile. The Green Coral Goby is also known as Green Clown Goby and Earspot Coral Goby. The body is a beautiful emerald color with markings on its face which look like war paint.

Green Coral Goby Fish (Gobiodon histrio)

COMMON NAME: Green Coral Goby
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Gobiodon histrio
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~3/4 inches
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy

Customer Reviews
grant henderson of smith,al
green coral goby
very good size
Greg Van Wert of Myrtle Beach , SC
Green Coral Goby
Very pretty and active so far. Will love watching him grow.
Cheryl of Maine
Green goby
he is doing well. i see him more than i thought. they tend to hide.
Dustin of Wisconsin
Very nice and colorful fish! The colors will really add to my tank when it grows!
Katherine of WA
Adorable green coral goby! In good health, though shy. Very pretty and has a lot of red striping.