Fire Fish Goby  (Nemateleotris magnifica)
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Fire Fish Goby  (Nemateleotris magnifica)
Fire Fish Goby  (Nemateleotris magnifica)
Fire Fish Goby  (Nemateleotris magnifica)

Fire Fish Goby (Nemateleotris magnifica)

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They have a bright yellow head, merging into a white body, gradually shading into a red-orange tail. This fish is extremely easily frightened, and when stressed, it may try to jump out of the aquarium. It is also known as Fire Dartfish and Magnificent Dartfish. It is smaller then the African Fire Fish.
COMMON NAME: Fire Fish Goby
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nemateleotris magnifica
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~.75-1.5 inches
FOOD/DIET: Carnivore
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Nathan Naglich of Colorado
Got two of these great fish arrived healthy great price :)
Thuy of MN
Fire Fish Goby
Ordered 2 and both were huge. They got along with all my other fishes and sometimes swim together with my clownfishes. 1 of them likes to hide but will come out to play with his partner in crime.
lori c of upstate new york
fire gobies, yellow tang. ocellaris clowns, peppermint shrim
If anyone wants a hobby such as a reef tank, please go to reefs2go. Elyse and Rachel have been so helpful. My tanks is just beautiful!!! The fish arrive healthy ... this company has a compassion for these ocean critters. Don't go to any other company...go to reefs2go for all your ocean critters.
Susan Burk of Seattle
Love these guys! They are a really pretty fish and fun to watch as they shoot around the tank. Great price too!!
john of evergreen,colorado
fire goby
great fish fun to watch shoots across tank like a bullet all my live stock I got from R2G is alive and doing well so far a month 1/2 will buy another fire goby soon
jeff of new york
great and colorful fish and only got it for 4.99$
Sandra schuman of Milton,Vermont
So Cool
I Bought Three of these and thay are so Bright in Color
Cherri of North Carolina
Ordered two fo these guys a couple of weeks ago and they are doing wonderful.
Christa of Miami
Tried different types of fish... GOBIES ROCK! Firefish gobies are super gentle and easy going... get along with everything... and are BEAUTIFUL and fun to watch!! They remain out in the front of the tank so you can always enjoy their quirky personalities.
Amanda S. of Dallas/Ft.Worth TX
firefish goby
I ordered two of the firefish gobies. They arrived alive and acclimated well. They are doing well and a great addition to my tank! Thanks Reefs2go.
stephen felman of Florida
Firefish Gobies
I just received 2 of the firefish gobies and they look stunning! They are in great condition and the arrival was right on time! I am currently acclimating them to my tank and expect them to thrive!
Lancer of Orlando Fl
Fire Fish Goby
I brought 2 of these fish and they are healthy and fun to watch another great purchase from reefs2go...
Bryan of Naples, FL
Great Service
Reefs 2 Go offers an amazing shipping offer for Florida residents. I've always received my shipment on time, and not one marine creature has not survived the acclimation process and they are all thriving in my tank.