Chain Link Eel (Echidna catenada)
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Chain Link Eel (Echidna catenada)
Chain Link Eel (Echidna catenada)

Chain Link Eel (Echidna catenada)

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Chain Link Eel ==Echidna catenada== The Chainlink Eel needs refuge among or in between coral and rocks in a spacious aquarium. It spends most of its day hiding and moves about at night in search of food. It gets its name from the unique "chain" markings on its body. | |= COMMON NAME: ||= Chain Link Eel | |= SCIENTIFIC NAME: ||= Echidna catenada | |= SIZE AVAILABLE: ||= ~6 inches | |= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 125 gallons | |= FOOD/DIET: ||= Carnivore | |= CARE LEVEL: ||= Moderate | |= REEF SAFE: ||= With caution, eats small fish and crustaceans. | |= AVAILABILITY: ||= Most always available - 99% |
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