True Percula Clown Fish (Amphiprion percula)
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True Percula Clown Fish (Amphiprion percula)

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Percula Clownfish (Amphiprion percula)
COMMON NAME: Percula Clownfish
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amphiprion percula
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately difficult
REEF SAFE: Yes, but can be aggressive
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

  • Also known as True Percula Clown and Clown Anemonefish.
  • This fish is very similar with the Ocellaris Clown but is more aggressive.
  • It is not very hardy and might be a difficult fish for beginners.
Customer Reviews
Dave of Cape Coral, FL
True Percula's
The true percula is a great fish. they have vibrant color and they actually glow at night! A very funny fish that swims up and down and acts foolish! It will stand it's ground and is not afraid of larger fish! If you want the real "Nemo", get this one. Be aware that they are hard to take care of due to their upbringing. Reefs2Go is the best place to get quality fish!
Melissa King of Ventura, CA
Percula Clown Review
Great pet! Most often these are tank bred, and will take food freely. They will live in anemones, or hammer corals, or frogspawns. If someone goes near their home, though, they will wiggle and try to hit them with their tail to knock them off!