Green Chromis Fish (Chromis viridis)
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Green Chromis Fish (Chromis viridis)

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The Green Chromis is reef safe and has ability to be kept with almost all other fish that are non-predatory , invertebrates, and corals. It is also called Blue/Green Reef Chromis. It is a great choice for a new hobbysist it is a good beginner fish. The Green Chromis is easy to care for, beautiful and peaceful.
COMMON NAME: Green Chromis
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chromis viridis
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Khaled of Miami
Hardy Fish
These are fish to begin with, They get Large over time and require bigger tanks. Well worth your money!
Tricia P of Laurinburg Nc
Green Chromis
Received my ordee today. Very well packaged and everything alive and healthy. All 3 chromis are doing very well!!! Will definitely order from here again!!!
Steve Deltour of Bakersfield, CA
Green Chromis
Ordered 6, 2 DOA 1 didn't look good and died the next day. They are a beautiful little fish that seem to change color as they move. Got credit for dead fish but will have to pay shipping to replace. May not be worth it $6 for fish $35 to ship.
Randy B of Syracuse, NY
Blue/Green Chromis
Bought 6 Chromis All Arrived in Great Condition. Super Schooling Fish.
Terry P of Georgia
green chromis
added 3 into tank with one I already had they took to schooling and now zoom all over the tank great fish thanks
Larry of Pa
Got 3 of these guys and they fill a perfect nich in my aquarium stay together in the upper water colum. Very healthy acting so far
richard emmert of jim thorpe , pa
Green Chromis
Ordered 6.. look great in the tank.. The were larger than expected... Will be ordering from Reef2GO again
Pam of Sc.
I have ordered chromis they all arrived healthy but one didn't make it. The cs dept at reefs to go have me a credit immediately I will order again
Connie Samaco of Florida
green chromis
Great condition. Healthy and came very fast. Great prices too.
Bryan of Rockwall TX
Green Chromis
I ordered a pack of chromis and they all arrived and survived. Well, until I had a heater explosion in the tank while on vacation... I've had nothing but good luck with my orders from Reefs2Go!
Anton of Seattl
I just got 10 blue chromis 1 was half dead the rest where fine eating within minutes of going into the tank, also got a sail fin tang that was eating right away to. Nothing hid.
RP Williams of Kearney, NE
Green Chromis
I've bought these from other suppliers and had not so good luck with them. I bought 10 this time from Reefs2Go and they are thriving, schooling, eating like horses, and making friends with the 6 line wrasse that I have in the tank. Get a group if you have the space. They will school up and it's fun to watch them interact with each other. Couldn't be more pleased.
con of longbeach
green chromis
ordered 5!! one DOA and one died after tank acclamation but the 3 that survive swims as a school
Don of Lisle,NY
Green Chromis
I ordered 12 of these all got to me live and well. If you get a hand full of these fish they will swim in a school. I have never had any prolbems with this company. I have gotten fish off them for years
Tony of Carencro, La
Green Chromis
All arrived alive and well. Great fish. All are doing well.
Joseph of Colorado
Great fish
Thank you for the fish I got 3 and they are in great shape 1 disapeared and I think it got eaten by the anemone but other then that very nice shape and quickly swimming all over in the tank.
Chris of Florida
Green Chromis
Great fish, I love these little suckers. I plan to order several more on my next order. They do great in my tank, and exciting to watch them swimming as one.
E Young of Valrico, FL
Green Chromis Review
I ordered six of these guys and all arrived alive and well. I put them in my tank and they seemed to be doing just fine. One got in a tussle with a puffer fish and lost. One other one just didn't adapt for some reason. No health issues were apparent when the order arrived though, so can't blame it on anything like shipping. Another great purchase from Reefs2Go and fast service.
Teresa Reisdorfer of Eldridge, IA
Green Chromis
All of the Chromis that we order arrived well and in great condition. Will definitely order from them again.