Black & Gold Chromis (Chromis sp)
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Black & Gold Chromis (Chromis sp)
Black & Gold Chromis (Chromis sp)

Black & Gold Chromis (Chromis sp)

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Black and Gold Chromis are great beginner fish. They are easy to care for and color and movement to your tank and are reef safe. You can keep multiples together without aggression and they will not disturb corals or other small invertebrates like sexy shrimp. | |= COMMON NAME: ||= Black & Gold Chromis | |= SCIENTIFIC NAME: ||= Chromis sp | |= SIZE AVAILABLE: ||= ~3/4 inch | |= MINIMUM TANK SIZE: ||= 30 gallons | |= FOOD/DIET: ||= Omnivore | |= CARE LEVEL: ||= Moderately easy | |= REEF SAFE: ||= Yes | |= AVAILABILITY: ||= Most always available - 99% |
Customer Reviews
Kim of VA
Black & Gold Chromis
These are beautiful & active fish, but as they grow, they lose the pretty stripe. I have 3 and they are all aggressive to any fish smaller than they are. So much so that I've had to isolate the larger 2.
Joseph of Manalapan,nj
Bg chromis
These little fish are just to die for. I bought four of them and they are very peaceful And very active throughout my tank, although I would he they would go on sale for maybe $3.99, it's worth the buy anyway! Thanks reefs2go for another great service.