Midas Blenny Fish (Ecsenius midas)
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Midas Blenny Fish (Ecsenius midas)
Midas Blenny Fish (Ecsenius midas)
Midas Blenny Fish (Ecsenius midas)
Midas Blenny Fish (Ecsenius midas)

Midas Blenny Fish (Ecsenius midas)

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The Midas Blenny is also known as the Golden Midas Blenny, Midas Lyretail Blenny or Persian Blenny. It has a bright yellow body with beautiful blue eyes. It is a very easy fish to keep and makes a wonderful addition to a reef tank containing both corals and other small invertebrates like sexy shrimp or pom pom crabs. It gets along with others of its type and is a great fish for a beginner.
COMMON NAME: Midas Blenny
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ecsenius midas
FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderate
REEF SAFE: Considered safe
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Nancy Hesch of Melbourne Fl
Midas Blenny
I received my midas blenny and boy was he an ugly tan color from the stress. Once he was acclimated and set free in the tank he found his hole in the rock. Started eating his first day in the tank and has been swimming all over since. He is a hog for food. Such a beauty, so happy with Reefs 2 go, in quality and service.
Erica of Florida
Beautiful Fish
Love my new Midas blenny :) Best looking one I've seen. At a great price. Large, healthy, beautiful, personable. Out swimming around most of the time, eats everything. Great buy!
Patricia of California
Midas Blenny
As soon as I let him out of the bag he started looking for a cave..he found a little hole in a small rock & lives there, This guy isnt small. He is almost 3 inches. Just beautiful. Blue eyes & lips. & its mazing how fast he can place himself in this small hole. Sometimes he backs in, but many times he goes in frontways, instantly turns around (totally agile) & peeks out to see what mom has for supper today! We just love him. Beautiful fish! Very mellow, excellent tankmate.
Dennis swann of Tullahoma TN
Golden Midas Benny
This guy is huge and very healthy was eating same day he was acclimated and out swimming around shipped very well even in cold weather very happy with this purchase and will be back for more thanks