Lyretail Anthias Male (Pseudanthias squamipinnis)
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Lyretail Anthias Male (Pseudanthias squamipinnis)

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Lyretail Anthias

Pseudanthias squamipinnis

COMMON NAME: Lyretail Anthias
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pseudanthias squamipinnis
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~2-3 inches
MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 125 gallons
FOOD/DIET: Planktivore
CARE LEVEL: Moderate
REEF SAFE: Considered safe, may be semi-aggressive
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

  • Both male and female of this species have orange stripes running down their sides.

  • The male is a purplish color with a yellow spot and an elongated dorsel fin.

  • The female is orange to yellow with purple accented scales and is also known as Orange Anthias.

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