Cherub Pygmy Angelfish (Centropyge argi)
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Cherub Pygmy Angelfish (Centropyge argi)

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  • An active fish that will swim at all levels in the tank. Lots of caves and hiding places will be appreciated as these fish like to swim in and out of the rockwork. *Omnivore grazer which is reef safe. Can be slightly aggressive to new comers but will quickly make friends.
  • COMMON NAME: Cherub Pygmy Angelfish
    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Centropyge argi
    SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1-1.5 inches
    MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 30 gallons
    FOOD/DIET: Omnivore
    CARE LEVEL: Moderate
    REEF SAFE: Semi-aggressive
    AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%
Customer Reviews
Phil C of MN
Speedy Little Guy
I have him in a 40 Gal reef tank and he takes advantage of the whole thing. He is always in motion darting in an out of my rock in search of food. He eats brine and pellet and will peck at the rock. I have a black and white clown that likes to chum with him. He is very colorful, active and peaceful with other fish. My other fish don't bother him. Fun to watch but needs room.
Mary Ann of Tennessee
Cherub Angel
I recently bought a cherub angelfish, he arrived healthy and a pretty colorful fish but stays hidden a lot..
Melanie J of Virginia
Cherub angel
This is such a cute little fish. He loves to dart around the tank in and out of my rock work. He gets along great with everyone in my tank and likes to come out to eat and play. His picture is a little deceptive, as he looks like he is mainly just blue, but it is a vibrant blue mixed with his yellow face. He is gorgeous and I am glad that I took a chance on him. He arrived in great health and was ready to eat that same day. Love him! Reefs 2 Go is a great business and a pleasure to do busines...
rod of central il
cherub angel
great nano fish, gets along great with all of my fise