Formula Two Flake 2.5oz
Formula Two Flake 2.5oz
Formula Two Flake 2.5oz
Item #: DG-ON-FT-25
Manufacturer: Reefs2Go
Mfg. ID: DG-ON-FT-25
Our Price: $13.19
=Formula Two Flake= ==Description== *Highly attractive staple food for marine and freshwater tropical fish. *Extra algae to please the more herbivorous fish. *High protein content and rich in vitamins. *Improves coloration and vitality while boostin
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Tom K. of Fernandina Beach, Fl.
Formula Two Flake
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I feed this as a veggie supplement to the Prime Reef Flake and frozen foods. All of my current fish eat it including my triggerfish. Fish can be like a small child when it comes to eating veggies. They all prefer the meaty foods but they will also eat the Formula Two thereby supplementing their much needed veggies.