Visi-Therm 300 watt Heater
Visi-Therm 300 watt Heater
Visi-Therm 300 watt Heater
Item #: DG-AS-VTHEAT-300
Manufacturer: Aquarium Systems
Our Price: $70.39
They are the perfect choice for beginners and for longtime hobbyists alike who appreciate the ability to easily see and change temperature settings. FEATURES & BENEFITS High Visibility Temp Setting with easy-to-view sliding scale tells the exact temperature setting and new top view shows the setting at the dial. Click-set temperature dial to accurately set temperature to +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit with every "click." Advanced mounting bracket, which securely attaches to glass and provides three window positions to view temperature display frommultiple angles. Triac Equipped Thermostat which switches heater on and off with lower voltage for superior reliability and performance. New,mesh heating element withmica core, coupled with epoxy fill ensures the most efficient heat transfer and eliminates rattling coils. LED on/off light to indicate clearly when the heater is operating. Double-strength glass casing for extra durability.
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