Psychafriggindelic Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) 10+ Polyps

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Psychafriggindelic Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) 10+ Polyps
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Psychafriggindelic Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) 10+ Polyps

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Psychafriggindelic Zoanthids

Zoanthus sp.

COMMON NAME: Psychafriggindelic Zoanthids
FOOD/DIET: Micro plankton, brine shrimp
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

5 polyps attached to rock or reef plug

Please note: when ordering multiple quantities of the same Zoanthids, we will do our best to ship them on the same fragment. I.E. Quantity of 1 will be shipped as 1 fragment with 5 polyps on it; quantity of 2 will be shipped as one fragment with 10 polyps (based on availability at the time of shipment). PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE NOTES IN ORDER REQUESTING SEPARATE FRAGS AS WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE THAT TYPE OF REQUEST

  • Easy coral to propagate.

  • Prefers stronger light and medium flow

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Customer Reviews
Jim Cook of Chicago, IL
Cool Zoos
My Pschafriggindelic zoos came on a piece of reef rock holding not five, but eight polyps. They opened up within the first eight hours after acclimation and are doing fine in the aquarium. While mine do not have as much green around the edges, I know this can be due to nutrient levels and lighting. I am nonetheless very pleased with them and they are now a part of my zoo garden in my mini reef tank.