Melon Zoanthids Coral - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (Zoanthus sp.)
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Melon Zoanthids Coral - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (Zoanthus sp.)
Melon Zoanthids Coral - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (Zoanthus sp.)

Melon Zoanthids Coral - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (Zoanthus sp.)

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The Melon Zoanthids Coral exhibits an affluence of color. These colors include; some very intensely melon green tentacles, astounding navy blue eye and mouthwatering red outer head, suffice to say it genuinely deserves its name.

The Zoanthids Coral are a genus that fall within the cnidarians family, and are regularly referred to as Zoas, Zoos and Button Polyps. They have a major presents in most coral reefs throughout the world today. Needless to say, these spectacular species of coral are common and reproduce rapidly. Their commonality, along with the rich array of patterns and colors make them one of the most commonly collected and sought after Coral in the world today.

This genus of coral is more often than not found as detached polyps, attached only by a fleshy stolon or a mat that can be created from small pieces of sediment, sand and/or rock. You can come across the Zoanthids Coral in a variety of colonizing formations and in some large array of color combinations.

Another huge appeal of these corals is that they are extremely hardy, which helps them to withstand even the harshest conditions and a sunscreen mechanism known as zooxanthellae. This combination of factors has made the Zoanthids Coralvirtually impervious to most elements.

Although the Zoanthids Coral has been known to survive the harshest of conditions, there are things you can do to provide them with the ideal care required to prosper and live up to their outmost potential.

This includes; 1. Provide your Zoanthids Coral with low to moderate lighting 2. Moderate Water Flow. Note that excessive flow may prevent them from opening fully. 3. Low to mid tank placement. 4. While every effort should be made to provide the Zoanthids Coral good water quality, they generally deal very well with lapses in water quality. 5. Ideal water temperatures should be between 75°F and 80°F. 6. pH levels should be between 8.2 – 8.4 and Alkalinity between 8° to 10° Dkh.

For all the splendid factors associated with the Zoanthids there is thing that’s important to keep in mind. All species of Zoanthids contain a certain degree a highly potent neurotoxin called Palytoxin, which can be toxic to humans, especially the Palythoas genus. Palytoxin toxin can found inside the coral’s mucus and mesenteries. This toxin has no affect on neighboring colonies; rather It serves as an ant