Fire and Ice Zoanthids Coral- 10+ Polyps
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Fire and Ice Zoanthids Coral- 10+ Polyps
Fire and Ice Zoanthids Coral- 10+ Polyps
Fire and Ice Zoanthids Coral- 10+ Polyps

Fire and Ice Zoanthids Coral- 10+ Polyps

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COMMON NAME: Fire and Ice Zoanthids Coral
FOOD/DIET: Micro plankton, brine shrimp
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

5 polyps attached to rock or reef plug

Please note: when ordering multiple quantities of the same Zoanthids, we will do our best to ship them on the same fragment. I.E. Quantity of 1 will be shipped as 1 fragment with 5 polyps on it; quantity of 2 will be shipped as one fragment with 10 polyps (based on availability at the time of shipment). PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE NOTES IN ORDER REQUESTING SEPARATE FRAGS AS WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE THAT TYPE OF REQUEST

  • Easy coral to propagate

  • Prefers stronger light and medium flow

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Customer Reviews
Christi of Southern California
Fire and Ice...gorgeous under blue LED's
Just got these guys and about a day after acclimating these guys came out and look awesome under the blue led's, they are glowing bright red with such a pretty bright blue in the middle! Awesome buy! They look great with my candy apple zoa's, though they put my petco zoa's to shame lol!
JR Nimeskern of Washington, NC
Fire & Ice
These are my wife's favorite Zoas in the tank! I ordered 5 and ended up with 12. They are bright under my LED's, the red really glows and many people have commented on them... Highly recommend and is absolutely the best bang for your buck... literally
Jim Cook of Chicago, IL
Not 5 polyps - many more!
My fire and ice zoos came in great shape. It took them about a day or two to fully open up, but they look wonderful, just like the photo. Note that these zoos are of a smaller size, so they won't be a big, honking polyp. I was supposed to receive five polyps, but instead received around ten. Thanks, Reefs2Go!
Greg DeStephanis of Mechanicsville, VA
Fire and Ice Zoanthids
These have been the best item I have received from Reefs 2 Go. They are healthy and thriving in my tank. Spreading onto other nearby rocks. Beautiful zoas.
andrew of TN
very nice
ordered 10 got 17-18, great deal. they arrived fine and are doing great
George of Chicago
Cool & Hot
They came in great condition, and are doing wonderful within 24 hours!!
Emily of Texas
Would have been sweet
These little guys were so bright and huge! I got twice as many polyps as I was expecting. Unfortunately, one of my fish knocked them off the rock I had glued the frag to and I cannot find them anywhere in my tank...but I missed them so much, I ordered more!