Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
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Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps
Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps

Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral (Zoanthus sp.) - 10+ Polyps

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Our Candy Apple Zoanthids Coral comes in a visually eclectic blend of rainbow colors. It sports a gorgeous blue surrounded by a piercing orange and sporting a rich lime and purple skirt.

The Zoanthids Coral are a genus that fall within the cnidarians family, and are regularly referred to as Zoas, Zoos and Button Polyps. They have a major presents in most coral reefs throughout the world today. Needless to say, these spectacular species of coral are common and reproduce rapidly. Their commonality, along with the rich array of patterns and colors make them one of the most commonly collected and sought after Coral in the world today.

This genus of coral is more often than not found as detached polyps, attached only by a fleshy stolon or a mat that can be created from small pieces of sediment, sand and/or rock. You can come across the Zoanthids Coral in a variety of colonizing formations and in some large array of color combinations.

Another huge appeal of these corals is that they are extremely hardy, which helps them to withstand even the harshest conditions and a sunscreen mechanism known as zooxanthellae. This combination of factors has made the Zoanthids Coral virtually impervious to most elements.

Although the Zoanthids Coral has been known to survive the harshest of conditions, there are things you can do to provide them with the ideal care required to prosper and live up to their outmost potential.

This includes; • Provide your Zoanthids Coral with low to moderate lighting. • Moderate Water Flow. Note that excessive flow may prevent them from opening fully. • Low to mid tank placement. • While every effort should be made to provide the Zoanthids Coral good water quality, they generally deal very well with lapses in water quality. • Ideal water temperatures should be between 75°F and 80°F. • pH levels should be between 8.2 – 8.4 and Alkalinity between 8° to 10° Dkh.

For all the splendid factors associated with the Zoanthids there is thing that’s important to keep in mind. All species of Zoanthids contain a certain degree a highly potent neurotoxin called Palytoxin, which can be toxic to humans, especially the Palythoas genus. Palytoxin toxin can found inside the coral’s mucus and mesenteries. This toxin has no affect on neighboring colonies; rather It serves as an anti-predator defense system. In order to prevent the risk of Palytoxin poisoning it is important to wear gloves when handling these Corals or even placing your hands inside the aquatic tank in which they reside in.

Most Coral aficionados view the Zoanthids Coral as the ideal choice for virtually any home aquarium. These marvels of evolution come in 300 unique species that range from the beautiful multi-colored floral-bouquet like arrangements of Zoanthus, to the unique and attractive silhouette of the Isaurus. The Zoanthids Coral has evolved into a strong environmentally dominant coral, that very comfortable within most habitat.

One of the most distinctive features of these uncanny Coral is that they are neither coral nor an anemone, they are technically stoloniferans. A stoloniferans can be distinguished by the presence of a runner that connects adjacent polyps, known as the stolon.

The Zoanthids Coral has smooth, flat, broad oral disks with tentacles that extend outward from the margins. Their tentacles are always found in multiples of six, and the mouth is grooved with a gully called a siphonoglyph. This gully is lined with thousands of throbbing cilia that aid in feeding and water exchange.

The genus of Zoanthids Coral is found in shallow waters, especially those in the Zoanthus family, tend to be vibrantly colored, which requires higher light levels. Meanwhile, genus that are darker usually require lower light levels. Zoanthids Coral from areas with stronger water movement tend to have abridged stiff polyp bodies, shorter tentacles, and smaller oral disks. These Corals have a tendency of forming dense low growing mats, oozing less mucus, and usually extremely territorial. The Zoanthids Coral from areas of lower water motion have a tendency to be larger, with longer tentacles, more flexibility and wider oral disks. They secrete more mucus and tend to form smaller colonies.

The ease of care that an average Zoanthid Coral requires is a huge extra bonus for newbies, as well as seasoned enthusiasts, who either don’t want or can’t dedicate the time and energy on corals. And with its lavished array of colors and textures l will keep any coral enthusiast coming back for more.

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Customer Reviews
Khaled of Miami
Mother Colony
Got a Mother Colony of 200 Polys, Really Excited!!! Thanks R2Go
Tom Robinson of Concord, NC
Candy Apple
Received a couple of months ago and only got 8 of the 10 ordered. Since then, I am happy to say I now have 17! Very nice.
chris of indianapolis
candy apple
Nice specimen. Opened fully after a few days. Great customer service
isaac of Kingman
STUNNING i got about 10 polyps and they are all open in just 1 min of puting them into the tank!
Kelly of Athens, AL
Candy Apple Zoas
I received a frag of these earlier in the week and they still have not opened yet but they are slowly beginning to. I can't wait to see how pretty they are!
Brian G. of Lexington, KY
Candy Apple Zoos
I got these for free during the spend $1 get a free frag. There were about 5 polyps on there. They were already open in the bag before i even got them in my tank. Btw. this was my first ever coral. It arrived in May 13. It did well and due to its placement in my tank i saw them but not all. recently i looked at it from a different angle and it had now 31 polyps. it grew 26 polyps within 4 months. easy to keep.
geoff smith of indiana
candy apple and fire and ice
got my first frags today all went still waiting to open cant wait they said five per piece was very pleased
Adam of PA
candy apple zoas
I have order from theses guys a number of times. I was very happy .The corals have always arrived in good shape and healthy my zoas opened the first day i got them. they also have a good response team on the customer service side. always get back to u about any issues.. thank you Reefs2go. cant wait for my next order to arrive
Shari of FL
Candy Apples
The color on these are just dandy! They do NOT disappoint! Yet again, great value!
Tracy of Ca
Candy apple zoas
Everything arrived in beautiful condition as always. Theses little cities opened up right away. And of course since I ordered a big chunk of them, I got some extras with it. Great company. Always high quality.
Gregory of New Port Richey, FL
candy apple bonus
received candy apple frag with 6 polyps and 2 polyps of green apple......woot woot!!!
Krissy of La
Candy Apple
Will order more...these are beautiful :)
Connie Samaco of Florida
candy apple coral
Great condition. Healthy and came very fast. Great prices too.
Jennifer of Greenville, SC
Candy Apple Zoas
Skeptical at first as I've never ordered corals online. Not sure how they would fair the journey. Needlessly to say, it was a great decision. Frag packed very good with more polyps than what I ordered. Healthy and opened within a matter of hours. Definitely will be a repeat customer! Thanks Reef2Go for making it a great experience!
Robert L Cobb of Denham Springs
Candy Apple Zoo's
Piece has 7 maybe 8 heads. 3 have only opened since receiving ( 1-11-13 ) and one of them is not the same, it has a green center ( eye ) and yellow fingers. The other 2 that have opened some what, look okay although the color is not as brilliant and distinctive as picture.
Naster1 of Monterey CA
Candy apple zoanthid
Awesome, came packed very well and also came very fast for free shipping. Polyps opens within minutes of attaching it to my live rock after acclimation. I would recommend to any hobbyist. Without a shadow of a doubt great buy
Matthew Maldonado of south Carolina
candy apple zoanthids
just bought 5 they haven't come yet but will be hear tomorrow hope they are alive
Ashley of Inverness, FL
Couldn't wait to open!
Great colors in these zoas. Many polyps on frag, opened within minutes! Very satisfied with reefs2go as usual!
Emily of Texas
The small frag of 5 polyps I thought I ordered came as a huge bunch of nearly 20 heads. They are as bright and beautiful as the photo under my lights, and not one polyp died. In fact, I already count 4 new little polyps showing up. Thanks reefs!
Toni-Ann of Houston, TX
Great zoas, great deal
I purchased these Candy apple zoas, around 3-4 heads on a plug and they arrived healthy and beautiful. They opened up within an hour after acclimation and have been growing nicely in my 29 gal Biocube. Been buying from R2G for many years and never dissappointed.
Aaron Godwin of Amarillo , TX
Came with more than 5 polyps and opened up quickly.
grant of smiths,al
candy apple zo
Not the true candy Apple its more like an eagle eye but it did open within a few hrs nice size good price
Chandler Callaway of Molena Goergia
Candy Apple Zoas
I ordered these not knowing what to expect. it shipped with 9 polyps and is already opening within 5 minutes of being in the tank.Great buy!
Dan of Danbury CT
Candy apple Zoa
Very happy with my purchase. I was scared at first becase the bag leaked in shipment. I acclimated faster than usual to try and save it. Within hours they opened up and have been doing great! I had never ordered mail order corals before but thank to Reefs2go I will be ordering more. Also I would like to point out that the communication was Excellent!
Eddie of Locust Grove, GA
Great Product
This was my 1st on-line order from Reefs, I will say I am impressed! Shipped promptly, candies open by day 2 and are awesome and very well packed. I will be buying all my on-line corals from Reefs only.
jasmine D of
candy apple zoo