Green Ricordea Yuma Coral (Ricordea yuma)
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Green Ricordea Yuma Coral (Ricordea yuma)

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COMMON NAME: Green Yuma SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ricordea yuma SIZE AVAILABLE: ~ 3/4 inch MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 20 gallons FOOD/DIET: Plankton CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy REEF SAFE: Yes AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99% *One mushroom mounted on rock or reef plug Please note, that when mushroom corals are shipped, it is perfectly normal for them to be deflated and very small upon arrival. Once adjusted to your aquarium conditions, however, they will fully open. The acclimation process normally takes several days to a week. Approximate Purchase Size: 3/4" to 1"
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Customer Reviews
Alan Ray of Louisville, Ky
Green Ricordia
It is doind well and adding some much needed color to my aquarium. Thanks to all the folks at Reefs2Go! They are a pleasure to do business with. : )
Jerry of El Sobrante
I ordered 2 of these and got a rock with quite a few more! they look very healthy and were opened fully before I even put them in the tank. Great stuff here thanks R2G
James McCloud of Columbus Indiana
I bought 4 of these last week and now I have them I wish I could've bought more these guys are very colorful and a all 4 were bigger then quarters very nice yumas and the price was unbelievable next time I might just go broke on them lol very nice addition to my reef. And also have to say thanks to Reefs2Go reefers on a budget like myself can still have nice looking tanks because their prices & sales are unbelievable. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for everything