Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)
Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)
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Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)
Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)
Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)
Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)
Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)
Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)

Cultured Saltwater Pulsing Xenia Coral (Heteroxenia sp)

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Cultured Pulsing Xenia Coral, with its magnificent pulsating polyps, this is one of the most popular soft coral in the world today. This gem can be fairly hardy once acclimated to your tank and provided that you can provide a suitable environment. The Cultured Pulsing Xenia Coral comes in a variety of colors, which include; white, pink, brown and cream color.

Xenias are beautiful corals that are that are EASY and DIFFICULT to maintain at the same time. This is due to their unpredictability. They are considered hard to take care of as they are prone to the 'sudden death syndrome'. Be warned that a healthy thriving colony in the saltwater tank can, without warning and without any apparent reason, close up and die. Once the Xenia Coral has successfully survived the shipping and transportation process and the shock and stress of a new tank, they are considered as hardy corals due to their ability to reproduce or multiply easily and within a short time. Even after adapting to their new environment they are still prone to the risk of the sudden and unexplained death syndrome.

The Xenia Coral is a genus of photosynthetic soft marine coral which resembles a mushroom, with "arms" coming out from the top that end in many-fingered "hands". It is unique within the coral world because of its ability to use its hands to push or pulse water away from the colony in a constant, grabbing motion reminiscent of an inflatable dancing man. This is used to improve respiration as well as to capture food.

In the wild, this corals would be the first to colonize a new reef. Unlike other varieties of coral, the Xenia Corals have the uncanny ability to detach from the substrate and attach in a way that allows them to move to a completely new location. This uncanny species of coral also tend to move higher in the home aquarium until they have reached the top of the water or have run out of surface in which to climb.

The biggest benefit of having a colony of Xenia Corals in your aquarium is that it thrives in a variety of placements in the aquascape. If you want to see it glide and pulsate in the column you can simply place it in a low flow area and enjoy. This unique species can also be placed in more moderate flow areas to get the tell-tale wave and constant movement in the column.

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Jay of Savannah
Beautiful frag, arrived healthy. I love the pulsing motion of this coral, very unique compared to any other coral out there. Thanks R2G!