Sampler Saltwater Sea Whip Nano Pack - 3 Whips

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Sampler Saltwater Sea Whip Nano Pack - 3 Whips
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Sampler Saltwater Sea Whip Nano Pack - 3 Whips
Sampler Saltwater Sea Whip Nano Pack - 3 Whips
Sampler Saltwater Sea Whip Nano Pack - 3 Whips

Sampler Saltwater Sea Whip Nano Pack - 3 Whips

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1 of each of the following:
Orange Sea Whip - Nano Purple Sea Whip - Nano Yellow Sea Whip - Nano

Leptogorgia sp

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Leptogorgia sp
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~ 2-3 inches
FOOD/DIET: Phytoplankton, baby brine shrimp
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis)
Sexy Shrimp have many names such as anemone shrimp, dancing shrimp, squat cleaner shrimp, hula sh...
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Customer Reviews
Joey G. of MS
Sampler pack
This is an inexpensive way to get a variety of corals. It comes with one orange and one purple sea whip, and a yellow gorgonian. Put them in a good flow, and watch the polyps blossom! They are beautiful. Thanks for offering three corals for this low price, R2G! You rock!!!
Rockthehouse56 of South Florida
Nano Sea Whip Pack
These 3 sea fans were part of my order and when I placed them in my tank they instantly became the favorite part of my order. The polyps extended the first day and each of the 3 had vibrant coloration and multiple branches. The each were 4-5 inches high and healthy. They are mounted in snail shells so they are tough to get to stand upright if placed in the sand, but a quick remedy was to glue the snail stands to a frag plug and that way they stand upright and are not easily knocked over. Once...
Larkin of FL
Sea Whip Nano Pack
While I'm not shy to buying corals and fish online, I have always been hesitant to buy sea fans. This has mainly been due to seeing the sad gorgonians in person at various LFS. However, I decided to finally take the plunge with Reefs2Go, especially while this sampler kit was on sale for such a great deal. The whips I received are in fantastic shape, which I was actually pleasantly shocked over! Their polyps extend within minutes of spot feeding and remain open until every bit of food has been...