Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
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Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)

Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)

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Purple Sea Whip -SM (Leptogorgia virgulata) Approx 2-3"
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Customer Reviews
Chris of Abilene, Texas
purple sea whip
Beautiful and healthy, very pleased, want to purchase more
Larry of Slippery Rock, Pa
Purple nano sea whip
Received my 2 whips and they were open in bag after acclimation still open, placed in tank and they are beautiful still open unless something startles them. Happy n will order from RTG always
Alan B. of Las Vegas
GREAT Purple Sea Whip!
Ordered a Purple Sea Whip last year from Reefs2Go & couldn't be happier! Lasted about a year, which is pretty good for these. A++++ Just ordered another one.. Thanks Again Reefs2Go!
Kurt the goby Neil of Cohoes NY
purple whip
I got this whip a few months ago at the same time I got my radion light. The whip looked vary stressed but by the time it was acclimated all the beautiful white polyps were out
Howard Smith of Mentor, OH
Purple Sea Whip
Ordered it on a Friday and got it on Tuesday in the am. Acclimated and the coral was very happy with polyp extensions within 30 minutes. Today is Sunday and it's still happy. Would recommend Reefs2Go to anyone.
laura of vermont
purple whip
Was much larger than expected. Great looks awesome in the tank.
Katrina bonvillain of Houma,La
Customer service rep
Elyse, is great! She was very courteous, thorough, and prompt! Things happen and people make mistakes just grateful that she is there to fix it.
Agnes/Nate of South Carolina
Very Vibrant
Great, acclimated well and quickly and were eating the same way the orange sea whip we ordered was. Again, came in a snail shell and were kind of weird to place, a square of putty would have been simpler to glue/wedge.
Robert L Cobb of Denham Springs
Very nice piece. Opened fully after about 10 mins from being placed in tank.
Brett of Bradenton, FL
purple sea whip
REALLY COOL! Its bigger than I expected it to be and its perfect for a 55 gal reef tank. Its worth more than $10.
lynn pembroke of spring hill , fl
purple sea whip
I bought 1 purple sea whip, Its amazing!!!! beautiful, healthy, and alot bigger than I expected.
April of Agoura, CA
purple sea whip
Came yesterday in great shape. All of the polyps are open this morning and it is really beautiful. Much bigger than I expected too!
dhuang of Glenmoore, PA
Awesome coral
Some of the coral had died off during shipping, but most of it was still intact. Opened polyps in five minutes of being in tank!
Tyson of Des Moines,IA
Purple Whip
Got my purple whip in yesterday. It was in great shape and within an hour of introducing it to my tank, the polyps began to emerge.
Maciej Swieboda of Ridgewood , NY
Purple Sea Whip
Great buy. Very healthy. Quite the size. Thank you reefs2go.
Anthony Hewitt of Mississippi
Purple seawhip
Reefs2Go sent me a beautiful purple seawhip! It's been in my tank now for a few months and it couldn't be better. Very good size and very heathy! Thanks Reef2Go
mitch prestridge of Ocala,fl
purple sea whip
I recived my purple sea whip., it was very healthy. it's doing good in my tank
Fernando T of Hazleton, PA
purple sea whip
Really pretty and big once introduce to the tank with in 15 min it fully opened and healthy.
Lee of AL
Purple Sea Whip Review
Great! More than I expected for such a great price. Arrived in Perfect conditions. Covered in small white polyps the entire length of all the stems!
Ruben of VA
Sea whip
I just got mine today in the mail, It's HUGE!!!! I can't even imagine how big it would have been a "Big" one from here. I love it I will be buying from you guys again
Katherine of WA
Whip Review
Great, healthy coral! Larger than I expected. Very pretty!