Purple Sea Whip- NANO
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Purple Sea Whip- NANO
Purple Sea Whip- NANO
Purple Sea Whip- NANO
Purple Sea Whip- NANO
Purple Sea Whip- NANO
Purple Sea Whip- NANO
Purple Sea Whip- NANO

Purple Sea Whip- NANO

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Purple Sea Whip -NANO (Leptogorgia virgulata) ~ 2-3 inches
Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis)
Sexy Shrimp have many names such as anemone shrimp, dancing shrimp, squat cleaner shrimp, hula sh...
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Customer Reviews
Mitchell of Union Grove, WI
Whips are nice!
I have found these to be pretty enjoyable. They have been in my tank for just over a week, and open and close at frequent intervals. They are fun to watch throughout the day.
Adam of Kansas
Purple Sea Whip
I ordered 2 of these and they arrived healthy with polyps extended, bigger than expected. Great addition to any tank.
Brenda of Selbyville
Purple whip for $3.99
This is definitely worth $3.99 and much more! It arrived in great condition and looks fantastic! I personally would not pass this offer because I love watching my corals grow!
Erika of NY
sea whip
This is well worth the money, very pretty. Great addition.
isaac of Arizona
crazy color!
this frag i got has crazy purple color and was opened up when i opend up the box 3-5 inch long!
Christi of Southern California
I couldn't believe this guy showed up with polyps fully extended and looked ready to go. After acclimating him I put him in a good flow and lighted area and he still has his polyps fully extended, this guy is doing amazing! Thanks!
Shari of FL
Purple Whip Nano
This is such a beautiful addition to our tank. Love to see the little plumes bubble. It is already starting to grow little limbs.
Jim Cook of Chicago, IL
Deep violet perky coral
My purple sea whip is roughly 2" long with a secondary branch. It came attached to a small rock/shell base. It responded well to some higher flow and feeding with very small particulate food. The polyps are now extended during most all 'waking' aquarium hours and it looks great!
supernan79 of Coos Bay
1 Month and Going Strong
Got this about a month and half ago and it has growth substantially despite some water issues a couple times! Areas that are damaged or brown WILL COME BACK! Give it time, it seems very hardy :-) Feeds regularly and neat to see with and w/out polyps extended.
denright of cary nc
Purple Sea Whip
The whip arrived in fantastic condition mounted on a small snail shell for easy planting in my sand bed! The polyps opened up during drip acclimation and remained open upon transfer to the tank! Fantastic!
mark ,the coralman of biloxi ms
nano seawhip
it showed up great larger than i thoutgh tho had no problems will buy agian n again n again